So I've done alot of research and I read that cannabis oils shrinks tumors ?has anyone heard of this ? I was concidering smoking cannabis ? Am scared to ask my onc due to my mother being at spots . Is this a good idea ?

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I would not take anything without discussing it first with the Oncologist. Some drugs interfere with the chemo so you want to make sure you don't take anything that will prevent your chemo from working. Good to see you are on better terms with your Mom. You are so young, I really hope this all works good for you.

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Don't smoke!!! Consume...Better for the lungs. NDM

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I don't think it is a good idea; many many pot smokers in west Jamaica with lung cancer????

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FWIW, a decade or two ago I recall reading that pot smokers had an increased risk of lung cancer, much like tobacco smokers. I haven't read anything more about that since, so I don't know the current thinking about that.

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You can buy shelled ORGANIC hemp seed that is agricultural grade from

You will not get high on eating this (whether or not you would pass a drug test is another matter. Depends on the amount ingested.)

Hemp seed is almost a perfect food. High in protein and contains ALL the amino acids. Tastes really, really good too.

I always add some to my smoothies, and even tossing about 1/4 cup in the vitamix, it makes it all frothy and helps me not taste the veggie fiber.

It has a nutty flavor.

I buy the 3 or 5 lb bags and just keep it in the freezer.

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Please tell me about your cancer history. Do you think the Hemp is keeping your cancer at bay? Are you also on maintenance of any sort?

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For what it's worth, my brother-in-law, who is a phychiatry professor, and has done a lot of grant work over the years on the brain, has told us he has seen quite a bit of research and articles on marijuana helping brain and lung cancer patients. We've been told that it could be cooked into a butter and used in recipes instead of smoking, to get the benefits it provides.

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I am a NSCLC stage 3b. I could not of survive both lines of chemo without vaporing cannibis. The act of smoking does not produce cancer, it's smoking the rat poison, and harmful chemicals that causes the bastards. I am a non smoker with lung cancer. The onc attributes it to second hand cig smoking from grandma and father. If you don't want to smoke it; there are other forms, ie, hash oil in dark chocolate, or cannibis butter in baked goods Best wishes

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Thanks for your reply. Where can you buy such things as hash oil or cannibis butter? I had my lower right lobe removed in January of this year and then 4 rounds of Cistplatin and Alimta. Thought all was O.K. and recently was diagnosed Stage IV because of one tiny lymph node under my right arm. Having a really rough time. Thanks!

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Hemp products are available in supermarkets (e.g., hemp milk substituted is next to the almond milk and rice milk products) and probably available at health food chains like GNC. Unless I'm mistaken, I'd guess that cannabis products you'd want, on the other hand, are illegal in the USA, although some states don't enforce the federal law. You might get some if your doctor prescribes it in California or a couple other places, but otherwise you'd need an illegal drug dealer and you could eventually be arrested for it or worse.

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is also high in not real marijuna or hashish oil or seeds but if it works..great...however, I think the person living in California is fortunate as can buy in cookies, candy etc.

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Thank you all for advice .. I find myself going to any length to cure this bully cancer ... Lucky for me in Canada Ontario we have a vapor lounge .. I am scared to try it but nothing try nothing done

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Someone posted on here, not too long ago, a link to a video about using cannabis oil to treat skin cancer. I'll post the link if I can find it. The video, if not faked, was pretty impressive. I've also been told to look for a video called "Run From the Cure". It is a documentary and I think you can find it on YouTube.

I would think that smoking pot if you have lung cancer is not a good idea. Even if pot itself doesn't cause lung cancer (and it seems that is still under debate), smoking anything could irritate existing respiratory problems - something which none of us need or want.

The video on cannabis oil showed it being applied topically to skin cancer. Not quite sure how you would do this with your lungs. I don't know if ingesting it, or vaporizing it, would have the same effect either but you can probably find a lot of opinions (maybe some information too) on the internet.

Medical marijuana has now been legalized in over 30 states here in the U.S. Within those states however, it is not always readily available outside of large, urban areas. The feds had been instructed to ignore pot and concentrate on other things for the last three years. You know, stuff like terrorists, crystal meth, drug lords, gang warfare, etc. This policy has recently been reversed with the feds now being instructed to go ahead and enforce the pot laws. Who knows what the policy will be next month!

Using hemp products, the kind that don't get you high, is supposed to also be useful. I've used hemp based protein powder in some of my shakes and it does taste good. I'd like to try the shelled hemp seeds that drawing3d is talking about. Sounds like they would make a good topping for rice or salads. And I need all the protein I can get!

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There is also cannibis tenture that can be placed under the tongue.

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You can purchase these products at dispensaries in CA or Vancover, and many other states.

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Possibly not exactly the place to add my 2 cents but I can't resist...

Hemp, cannabis, and whatever else, is not in itself likely to "be a cure". Rather, it would be the combination of many things from foods, lifestyle and attitude in totality.

Yes, I eat hemp seeds - but I also eat a ton of other things I attribute to keeping healthy. I also get plenty of rest, plenty of sunshine, daily exercise, I smile alot, am grateful for life, and eat as much healthy, organic, food as possible. I live a simple life, without perfumes, air fresheners, household cleaning agents that aren't plant based, etc. etc.

I completely believe our environments and conventional foods coupled with stress is the basic cause of all disease...

As i said, just my 2 cents worth today.

...but the hemp seeds are tasty! :)

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Drawing3d I totally agree with your post.

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"Do you think the Hemp is keeping your cancer at bay? Are you also on maintenance of any sort?"

I do love a bit of humour early on a Saturday. How many miracle cures do you have in that well-stocked pantry of yours, Ellen?

Ellen - on maintenance? Sure. Some would argue she is totally hooked on by far the most effective maintenance protocol of all - using good nutrition, key elements of nutritional supplementation, fresh air and sunlight, living in the now and free from destructive thought patterns - all to support and regenerate her body's healthy physiological function and structure, knowing that, ultimately, this is how our bodies protect themselves and keep the ever-present risk of metastatic disease at bay.

Useful strategy, really.

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They sell the stuff at city of hope in perscription form liquid. no need to smoke it

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What research studies have you found on the effectiveness of cannabis for your particular kind of cancer?

FWIW, if you had the EGFR mutation, this old 2007 report suggested some value of THC, but I don't know if there's been any confirmation from any other studies (nor any other genetic variation of cancer), so maybe it was a false-hope dead end:

There do seem to be dangers from smoking it, though. Here's a quick sample of some that showed up:

Marijuana Smokers Face Rapid Lung Destruction -- As Much As 20 Years Ahead Of Tobacco Smokers

Impact On Lungs Of One Cannabis Joint Equal To Up To Five Cigarettes

Marijuana Damages DNA And May Cause Cancer

Growing Evidence Of Marijuana Smoke's Potential Dangers (Canadian study)

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