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Could sleeping pill Zolpidem (Stilnox) bring my ALD husband back to life?

  • By PrayersToHeaven · Posted April 14, 2013
  • Discussion in United Leukodystrophy Foundation · 3 replies
  • Does anybody have any reason to believe that Zolpidem (Stilnox) - a drug used traditionally to promote sleep - but which has had incredible results in Persistent Vegetative State and Traumatic Brain Injury ...

Ambien for PVS study. Ongoing results?

  • By TimHodge · Posted September 16, 2010
  • Discussion in Brain and Nervous System · 34 replies
  • There is obviously a lot of news going around about using Ambien (Zolpidem) to help awaken patients in a Persistent Vegetative State. My teenage son has been in a PVS for over a year now following an ...

Has anyone had any experience with Stilnox/Zolpidem/Ambien?

  • By Lauren82 · Posted July 15, 2011
  • Discussion in Encephalitis Global · 10 replies
  • I am wondering if anyone has used this drug (Stilnox/Zolpidem/Ambien) to "awaken & arrouse" instead of it's intended purpose, which is, it is a sleeping tablet. New cases have come up recently in Australia ...

Anoxic Brain Injury/ABI from Sudden Cardiac Arrest/SCA

  • By NWWriter · Posted March 19, 2008
  • Discussion in Brain and Nervous System · 102 replies
  • I'm tossing this topic in for discussion because I'm finding that the stigma of "brain injury" (or the more sweepingly-frightening term "brain DAMAGE") often stops people from admitting that they have ...

sleepless nights

  • By mrynorman · Posted February 21, 2010
  • Discussion in Ovarian Cancer National Alliance · 27 replies
  • I was just wondering if any of you have a hard time falling asleep since you finished chemo. I always had a hard time staying asleep as I was in menopause and then post menopause but would always be able ...


  • By TheTinMan · Posted September 3, 2012
  • Discussion in Stop Sarcoidosis · 21 replies
  • The hell of all this, really -- beyond the diagnosis and guesswork of it all -- is really related to the side effects of all the medications. One thing I can't get past, however, is the absolute exhaustion ...

Why, It's the Brand Spanking New Middle of the Night Gang!!!

  • By Annie_Stith · Posted June 16, 2011
  • Journal entry · 676 replies
  • Welcome, one and all to the Brand Spanking New Middle of the Night Gang!! We've always been an open group, with no rules other than that we respect each other. I see no reason to change that now. Since ...

Updated info on Melatonin for the battle to live with cancer ....

  • By Chenbaaxal · Posted November 25, 2013
  • Journal entry · 34 replies
  • Today I was looking to see if there was any additional amount of Melatonin that I could use in my own fight against cancer, other than the standard 20 MGs of very successful human studies. Here is what ...

Needed a little rest

  • By Tap · Posted May 11, 2010
  • Discussion in Lung Cancer Survivors · 31 replies
  • I have taken the rest of the day off work and the rest of the week. I tool 4 or 6 ambian- can't remember right now. I am eating some soi\up ahnd then will go lay down on the couch, I just feel wonderful ...

Bladder instillation

  • By Kathryn0442 · Posted April 1, 2014
  • Discussion in Interstitial Cystitis Association · 36 replies
  • I just wanted to share that I had my third weekly bladder instillation today (DMSO, Marcaine). The first two were incredibly painful but I had a new nurse practitioner do mine today. It hardly hurt at ...

Sleep issues/Prednisone

  • By HektorHawkins · Posted July 4, 2011
  • Discussion in Stop Sarcoidosis · 6 replies
  • Been on Pred a week 80mg/day. I had a major hearing loss last Monday, and Pred nearly restored what heating I had left before the loss. I can't sleep however. Insane crazy dreams when I do fall asleep ...

Starting triple therapy on Friday

  • By Lindajean55 · Posted March 5, 2013
  • Discussion in American Liver Foundation · 224 replies
  • Hi I'm trying to keep a good outlook on this 6 month journey I'm about to begin, but I wouldn't be human if I wasn't a little bit nervous, right? What I'm wondering, and I'm sure I'll be on this forum ...

west Syndrome, meds not working!

  • By johnnita · Posted April 15, 2013
  • Discussion in Cerebral Palsy · 9 replies
  • Hi all can anyone give me advise on what their children were put on for West Syndrome, my son was put on tablets, Phenabarbone, I think it’s also called Lithium, he has to take 1 table every night, but ...

oxycodone (percocet) and its effect on the body

  • By providencia · Posted March 28, 2008
  • Journal entry · 19 replies
  • any body parts, what is the side effects and how long did it take for you to feel side effects. it is a new medicine i am for back fractures and sometimes get tingling and now I cannot sleep. Anyone have ...

Anoxic Brain Injury

  • By Louise52 · Posted April 8, 2009
  • Journal entry · 0 replies
  • Hi, We live in Alberta, Canada. We have a brain injured 30 year old son, who has been in this condition since age 18 when he was deprived of oxygen for about 20 minutes. He went into cardiac arrest after ...

Anoxic Brain Injury for 12 Years

  • By Louise52 · Posted April 9, 2009
  • Journal entry · 1 reply
  • Hi, We live in Alberta, Canada. We have a brain injured 30 year old son, who has been in this condition since age 18 when he was deprived of oxygen for about 20 minutes. He went into cardiac arrest after ...

Anoxic Brain Injury for 12 Years

  • By Louise52 · Posted April 9, 2009
  • Journal entry · 5 replies
  • Hi, We live in Alberta, Canada. We have a brain injured 30 year old son, who has been in this condition since age 18 when he was deprived of oxygen for about 20 minutes. He went into cardiac arrest after ...

New here so hi every one

  • By Angelflower68 · Posted November 3, 2012
  • Journal entry · 14 replies
  • I would like to say hi to you all I'm new here and would like to get to know you all and how you all cope day to day, I have so many bad days than good and think I rattle when I walk with all the meds ...

first rituxan treatment

  • By smilepax · Posted May 8, 2013
  • Journal entry · 22 replies
  • had my first rituxan treatment for autoimmune hemolytic anemia yesterday. Took 8 hours to complete. They gave me benadryl and dexamethason before the rituxan. After less than an hour on the rituxan i ...

Can I take a poll on pain relievers?

  • By silvercivic · Posted November 12, 2009
  • Discussion in Stop Sarcoidosis · 43 replies
  • Like many of you I have joint pain. At night my knees,wrists and elbows are like raging toothaches. It's almost impossible to sleep.I'm allergic to Tylenol so that's out. Just curious what (if anything ...

Trouble sleeping?

  • By juliach · Posted March 19, 2010
  • Discussion in Ovarian Cancer National Alliance · 17 replies
  • I never have problems falling sleep at night before dx. Now, I turn in early around 9-9:30pm. I have to get up once or twice for the bathroom. Sometimes, I just cannot sleep at all. It is awful. I tried ...

Anoxic brain injury-my Marine

  • By aimerz121 · Posted May 18, 2011
  • Discussion in Brain and Nervous System · 24 replies
  • So I was looking online for information about anoxic brain injury, like I have been doing for a little over five years. My husband suffered an anoxic brain injury at the age of 21 after an appendix surgery ...

Will she RECOVER?

  • By Fight4Georgia · Posted November 16, 2011
  • Discussion in Brain and Nervous System · 12 replies
  • Our mom went into cardiac arrest on April 10th, 2011 while out celebrating her 50th Birthday. I reecived a call from her friends that she had fainted and was going to the ER. I rushed to the hospital ...

Stopping blood thiners

  • By classiespike · Posted December 23, 2011
  • Discussion in WomenHeart · 25 replies
  • I was just curious if anyone else' cardiologist told them that after a year of being on blood thinners (effient) from having a stent placed in my LAD that I would be taken off of them. I am kinda scared ...

Minimally conscious state recovery

  • By Rmemo182 · Posted March 8, 2012
  • Discussion in Encephalitis Global · 10 replies
  • My mom is now in this state, any tips to help her pass this stage of recovery? It has been 4 months since her symptoms started and she is not moving anything besides her left arm. She is trying to talk ...

Given Zoloft instead of Zocor by pharmacy!

  • By julid · Posted May 5, 2012
  • Discussion in WomenHeart · 12 replies
  • I was recently given 50mg of Zoloft instead of my usual 10mg of Zocor when I went to pickup my refill last month. I was informed that the bottle contained a few of the 'old' supplier Zocor, then a cotton ...

Dehydration as a side effect of strontium citrate

  • By BBBones · Posted June 11, 2012
  • Discussion in National Osteoporosis Foundation · 84 replies
  • I have been taking strontium citrate for 6 years. My dexa scans have shown improved density. However, over the past several months I have found I get dehydrated extremely easily, and have to drink increasing ...

What is your sleep aid that has helped the most?

  • By emg128 · Posted July 27, 2012
  • Discussion in Scleroderma Foundation · 36 replies
  • I am one of the people who are trapped in medical purgatory, or at least it feels that way. I am very symptomatic (mainly chest pain/discomfort, all over stiffness, achy fingers and hands, some sclerodactaly ...

Psoriasis and medication interaction, Amphetamine, opiates, benzodiazepines

  • By kanga_84 · Posted August 10, 2012
  • Discussion in TalkPsoriasis · 17 replies
  • This is my first message here, and I recently have had a massive flare up that I have never seen before. I now have 80-90% coverage of my body in plaque and guttate psoriasis. It has happened over the ...

Coma after SCA

  • By harry2776 · Posted September 10, 2012
  • Discussion in Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association · 14 replies
  • My brother-in-law went into coma after a SCA on 21st Aug ( 20 days back) , It is estimated that for 15mins he had no pulse, Unfortunately there was no CPR done during the time. It was only after being ...


  • By Faith0492 · Posted November 10, 2012
  • Discussion in Stop Sarcoidosis · 12 replies
  • Has anyone had good results from cimzia? I was on remicade which worked amazingly but I had built up antibodies against it so that was out of the question. I just started cimzia not seeing any great results ...

Cannabis Oil Information Thread

Bobby1982 (Inactive)
  • By Bobby1982 (Inactive) · Posted February 18, 2013
  • Discussion in Lung Cancer Survivors · 217 replies
  • I've been met with a lot of resistance and negativity when brining up the option of taking cannabis oil as a treatment from cancer. Most of it comes from ignorance and people who fail to believe that ...

Abraxane and costochondritis anyone?

  • By rafi · Posted July 23, 2013
  • Discussion in Advanced Breast Cancer · 12 replies
  • Has any of you wonderful ladies had this problem with Abraxane. i am on my second cycle and the left side of my chest has started hurting. I had the same problem during my first cycle and they did a CT ...

gastric varices/stage 4 cirrhosis

  • By turfdoc · Posted November 1, 2013
  • Discussion in American Liver Foundation · 27 replies
  • Hello everyone, bless you guys. Could anybody tell me about bleeding from varices. My wife has gastric V and we are about 15 min. from a small hospital and are members of airevac that can get her to a ...

Insomnia and Pain 081210

  • By BoniSue · Posted August 12, 2010
  • Journal entry · 11 replies
  • My pain levels have reached a new high. Every day a level of 10 is being redefined for me. It makes it hard to sleep and hard to just live. My pain is a complex mix of headaches, muscle cramps and spasms ...

Everyone runs away

  • By Komodia · Posted August 17, 2010
  • Journal entry · 3 replies
  • ... when I feel depressed. I'm a pretty social person and used to think I had lots of friends. But everyone runs away whenever I start sinking in my depression. I'm tired, I'd only like some help getting ...

no sleep again

  • By Poehler · Posted September 22, 2010
  • Journal entry · 8 replies
  • Nother long night cant sleep have a head ack the size of texas my eyes really hurt tonight and not a dam thing on tv have to try the bed here soon lots to do tomorrow oh man my teath even hurt tonight ...

Tired oh so tired of hurting

  • By lindac1964 · Posted December 27, 2010
  • Journal entry · 7 replies
  • I have been struggling with sleep now more than ever. I have sleep apena but the machine is just not working right for me now. I am working alot of hours due to almost no staff. My body shut down the ...

Too Deep Sleeping?

  • By Annie_Stith · Posted January 6, 2011
  • Journal entry · 9 replies
  • Hey, All! I've just spent nearly round-the-clock sleeping (and I'm not so sure I'm done yet). But it's been a dead-to-the-world kind of sleep where I haven't felt at ALL rested. I'm still so tired I feel ...

Miss Sleeping

  • By Kimmeemaw · Posted January 28, 2011
  • Journal entry · 15 replies
  • I was looking at the clock every hour on the hour last night. I feel like I have ran a marathon or what I think it would feel like if I had ever ran a has literally been more than 10 years ...

What is wrong with me?

  • By Macarria87 · Posted January 30, 2011
  • Journal entry · 5 replies
  • I guess i can already answer my own questions in my head. I have not been able to get a real decent nights sleep in years. Going to be early doesn't help. I just wake up more at night. I actually sleep ...


  • By BLAIZE · Posted February 16, 2011
  • Journal entry · 4 replies
  • while reading journals i realized a common thread, I was actually "laid off" 2 days prior to being diagnosed, after complaiming of sight problems to my supervisor, now I see I am not alone in this experience ...

The Middle Of the Night Gang

  • By Annie_Stith · Posted February 28, 2011
  • Journal entry · 1213 replies
  • Anybody up yet ...

I'm doing so absolutely horribly

  • By Annie_Stith · Posted March 12, 2011
  • Journal entry · 15 replies
  • Hey, All! I am SO low, and steadily sinking lower. Not getting any real sleep, everything hurts everywhere as a result of the stress, anger and deepening depression. And my carpet is going to have a rut ...

Newbie Needs Support & Feedback

  • By bjmbabs · Posted June 27, 2011
  • Journal entry · 13 replies
  • What a blessing this Sarcoidosis Community is! It so hard in some ways to get real answers and feedback and I know my story is a long one but I so need to share it to let you know my situation. I am a ...

TPN & insomnia

  • By turtle1977 · Posted March 11, 2012
  • Journal entry · 7 replies
  • I've been on the TPN 20 hrs/day for about 10 days now. The last 2 nights while infusing have been miserable -- I can't sleep!!! Before the TPN I would go to sleep pretty easily @ 9 or 10pm and then have ...

Ambien Walking....???

  • By valdezz · Posted October 26, 2012
  • Journal entry · 45 replies
  • Does anyone on this site take Ambien? If so, does it make you get up during the night and not remember that you did the next morning? I realize it can't be a good thing ...

What is the best supplements or meds to help you sleep at might?

  • By FernM · Posted June 5, 2013
  • Journal entry · 252 replies
  • I am taking 1/4 soma pill for helping me to sleep at night but after being on it for some yrs my ears is starting to ring. In the past I have also taking 1/4 amitriptyline pill but after being on that ...

Cant sleep!!!!

  • By Lcaldwell · Posted July 26, 2013
  • Journal entry · 28 replies
  • Bad headache and i cant sleep. Dont know what t take cause everything upsets my stomach. Some body please give me some advice ...

August 21, 2013

  • By Texasjan · Posted August 22, 2013
  • Journal entry · 8 replies
  • Yesterday made monthly visit to Oncologist, I was weak from not being able to eat, 9 hours total. By the time I got home I had severe chills that lasted 3 hours, I went to bed. Taraceva dosage was reduced ...

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