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  • By keely2013 · Posted March 6, 2013
  • Discussion in Ovarian Cancer National Alliance · 16 replies
  • Quick question - is it okay to take Prilosec while on chemo? It works so well with my heart burn and churning stomach - I'd like to start a round of it prior to my 1st chemo Monday ...


stephy2119 (Inactive)
  • By stephy2119 (Inactive) · Posted May 17, 2010
  • Discussion in Scleroderma Foundation · 13 replies
  • Has anybody taken prilosec for their reflux my gastro doctor said she did not necesarily see any signs of scleroderma with my endoscopy but that I have a small hiatal hernia and I complain of reflux symptoms ...

Prilosec while on Xeloda

  • By Sharon-R · Posted March 21, 2012
  • Discussion in Advanced Breast Cancer · 9 replies
  • I have tried to get info about Prilosec by contacting Roche Labs', talked to my pharmacist and read entries about Xeloda and antacids. There is nothing in the literature, it seems, about Prilosec interactions ...

Prilosec/PPI withdrawal

  • By glenza · Posted November 1, 2007
  • Discussion in AGMD GI Motility Disorders · 11 replies
  • I'd like to hear from others who have stopped taking PPI's after many years on them. I just had an endoscopy (last week) and the GOOD news is that I have NOT got a hiatal hernia -- which I was told 10 ...

How prilosec worked for your preemie's with reflex?

  • By smileychick_83 · Posted July 11, 2009
  • Discussion in Preemie · 8 replies
  • I have a 13month old little boy that was born at 32wks..He has acid reflex and we just started him on prilosec today..he was taking Zantac..and i was wondering how well prilosec worked for ur kids for ...

Any babies on Prilosec??

  • By DANYELL4280 · Posted January 19, 2008
  • Discussion in Preemie · 9 replies
  • We just switced our son off of Reglan & Zantac to Prilosec-liquid form, but he seems to be worse!!! He is screaming half way thru his feedings & arching his back & just miserable. What are your children ...

Long-term Prilosec?

  • By didi85 · Posted August 2, 2012
  • Discussion in Lung Cancer Survivors · 17 replies
  • Hi, Do any of you have experience with long-term Prilosec (omeprazole)? My father had terrible heartburn after his first infusion of Cisplatin two months ago and he started taking Prilosec. Although he ...

Prilosec (proton pump inhibitors)

  • By laney · Posted March 11, 2008
  • Discussion in AGMD GI Motility Disorders · 6 replies
  • need your help members - my 22 year old daughter has been on prilosec for about 6 months and started losing her hair at an alarming rate - i have checked on the side effects and alopecia seems to be a ...

For those of you who take Prilosec.......

  • By booters · Posted December 14, 2010
  • Discussion in AGMD GI Motility Disorders · 8 replies
  • Read a post on another discussion board about Prilosec causing weight gain and hair loss, both of which I've had. I tried going off it but my reflux came back big time after 3rd day (was trying Zantac ...

Prilosec vs. Prevacid

  • By Nadias_mom · Posted February 21, 2010
  • Discussion in Preemie · 7 replies
  • Has anyone had better luck with one over the other? My daughter has been taking Prilosec for about a year now, and she still suffers from reflux. I was wondering if Prevacid is better ...

Prilosec and severe problems

  • By brebre · Posted December 29, 2010
  • Discussion in WomenHeart · 9 replies
  • I have been on a mission to mind out what my latest symptoms are since I have been to 3 different ER and they all say it isn't my heart. Could it possible be: ...

Prilosec isn't working well anymore

  • By EandMsMom · Posted June 21, 2013
  • Discussion in Scleroderma Foundation · 14 replies
  • I am on 80 mg of prilosec a day (40 twice a day). It doesn't seem as effective as it did just a couple of months ago. I am also taking Zantac at bedtime because the prilosec is not cutting it. Could I ...

Zantac vs Prilosec

  • By JessicaKis · Posted October 10, 2009
  • Discussion in Preemie · 4 replies
  • Hi, I have a 27 weeker with BPD on home O2. He is almost 6 months old, 3 months corrected. He came home from the NICU almost a month ago and we have encountered worsening feeding problems. He had been ...

Question - Omeprezole/Prilosec

  • By chloeolivia · Posted July 15, 2010
  • Discussion in Preemie · 6 replies
  • My 15 month old takes omeprezole, the generic version of prilosec. I have to have it mixed into a liquid compound by the pharmacy and this takes a couple of days notice and a couple of days to mix. It ...

Prilosec for infant

  • By TamaraL · Posted December 20, 2011
  • Discussion in Preemie · 7 replies
  • Hello Ladies DD is about 2 months adjusted and her reflux has been getting worse and worse. We had an appt with GI (which was awful cause the Dr really didn't care about what I had to say). I told her ...

Where to get Prilosec?

  • By jehago · Posted October 11, 2012
  • Discussion in Scleroderma Foundation · 5 replies
  • I am now to take Prilosec OTC every day. I have seen the 42 pack for $24 at CVS. Anyone know where to get this cheaper? Costco or BJs? Anywhere online? Thanks ...

Prilosec Allergy

  • By TVG · Posted August 10, 2013
  • Discussion in EOS Connections · 17 replies
  • My son with EoE and EG is allergic to either Prilosec or something in the liquid compound (flavor or coloring, perhaps). Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions? He is only 21 months old so ...

Prilosec, Nexium and Xantac make gerd worse.

  • By pfav · Posted March 21, 2013
  • Discussion in Scleroderma Foundation · 15 replies
  • I have read a series of articles on gerd written by a Dr. Chris Kresser. Some of you may be familiar with this doctor. The articles are excellent and really make sense. According to him, Prilosec, Nexium ...

Alternatives to Prilosec and the like

  • By foofoo1946 · Posted October 3, 2010
  • Discussion in National Osteoporosis Foundation · 19 replies
  • Wondering what a person can take to counter acid reflux other than the drugs such as prilosec as I understand these drugs inhibit calcium absorbtion. Thanks so much for any advice or information. Sandi ...

Taking Synthroid with a PPI (Prevacid, Prilosec, etc.)

  • By cabro · Posted April 20, 2012
  • Discussion in ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association · 6 replies
  • This question came up not too long ago. So, today I asked my endo about whether taking Prilosec with my Synthroid (and Armour) would affect absorption. He said no, that stomach acid levels would not affect ...


  • By walkingwithJesus · Posted November 3, 2012
  • Discussion in EOS Connections · 4 replies
  • I have had relief with my prilosec, the acid is much much better. But quick questions to those of you who have been on prilosec before. How long have you been on it at one time??? Did you suffer from ...

Apple cider vinegar & honey instead of Prilosec?

  • By possible · Posted November 10, 2013
  • Discussion in EOS Connections · 5 replies
  • My husband has been diagnosed with EoE and was prescribed prilosec for reflux and has been taking it for almost a year. (Interestingly, he has never experienced reflux symptoms such as heartburn, etc ...

prilosec & alimentum, how long?

  • By kiarasam06 · Posted August 19, 2009
  • Discussion in Preemie · 3 replies
  • hello--- Noah went 2 his neonatoligist appoinment yesterday--they said he looks fine and our "plan of action" @ this time is Prilosec 1x a day & 24/cal alimentum.....they also gave us simply thick, but ...

How to get off Prilosec

  • By chermon · Posted March 11, 2012
  • Discussion in AGMD GI Motility Disorders · 6 replies
  • I a 59 yr old woman and I've a really bad hip and right leg since I took 2 falls a few years ago. As I 'shut down' much of my activity, due to the very real pains with my back and leg, I began to gain ...



Temporary gastroparesis from not eating much for two weeks/starting ppi med

  • By pg600rr · Posted March 10, 2012
  • Discussion in AGMD GI Motility Disorders · 4 replies
  • Hello, over the past 6 months I had days here and there when I wasnt feally that great, seemed like it was getting progressivley worse. Then about a month ago starting feeling bad a lot...just kind naseaus ...

My Urgent Care/ Hospital Stay

  • By bluestbeyondblue · Posted April 27, 2010
  • Journal entry · 17 replies
  • Well I ended up in the Urgent Care last night right after work. I was left in the lobby for 2 hours to wait. Once I got back to an Exam room and spoke with the doc I was rushed to the Hospital. I was ...

Stomach Problems

  • By LisaInTexas · Posted October 22, 2009
  • Journal entry · 18 replies
  • I am so happy to find this website. I have had stomach problems for over 25 years. I was on Prilosec for about 9 years. I finally went to a Gastro doctor about 3 years ago and when she did the Endoscopy ...

Another night in the hospital ...

  • By Siun · Posted December 31, 2011
  • Journal entry · 10 replies
  • Just home from another night in the hospital. Have been having what I guessed was GERD for the past few months - increasing severity and frequency, very new experience for me - when yesterday I was making ...

A posible caution on drug interactions

  • By diamond · Posted October 8, 2010
  • Discussion in Lung Cancer Survivors · 10 replies
  • Frequently, many of us offer advice to others regarding possible medications or solutions to various cancer related problems. After my latest experience, I believe that in some cases, we should be very ...

Breathing Sucks

  • By Charnellw · Posted December 17, 2009
  • Journal entry · 3 replies
  • My breathing isnt getting better seem like. I have recently purchased prilosec for the upset stomach that would put me on my knees. I went a day without pain after that, but this morning it was coming ...


  • By Alorsung · Posted August 14, 2011
  • Discussion in Scleroderma Foundation · 13 replies
  • Does anyone have any advice for a natural remedy for GERDs? I have been on 40mg of Prilosec for a few years now and would like to try something safer. My acid reflux starts after breakfast and lasts all ...

GERD (Heartburn indigestion) Meds & Osteoporosis warning

  • By Tobylou · Posted February 10, 2011
  • Discussion in National Osteoporosis Foundation · 48 replies
  • I was on Prilosec for 15 years. I now have Osteoporosis and the doctor told me long time use of Prilosec was most likely the cause. I do fall in some of the catagories for Osteop. I believe Prilosec is ...


  • By tanninggirl · Posted November 25, 2013
  • Discussion in Scleroderma Foundation · 27 replies
  • Is it common for the people that have sclerderma to have to take 2 pills of Prevacid, Prilosec, Nexium or etc per day rather than ONE. I've been taking 1 Prevacid and two zantac per day but still having ...

Question on MTX

  • By cyberwriter · Posted December 9, 2010
  • Discussion in TalkPsoriasis · 10 replies
  • ** Originally posted by cyberwriter ** Hi All - Question to those that MTX have worked for. Do you stay on it the rest of your life alone or do you automatically begin combining it with biologics? I was ...

Prilosec question

  • By AnastinasMom · Posted December 28, 2010
  • Discussion in Preemie · 4 replies
  • So we finally get the Rx and the tablets are 15mg each. Doc wrote to give 1/2 tablet dissolved in 4cc of water once a day. Should I do this or maybe split that 1/2 in 1/2 and so give 1/4 tablet twice ...

Acid reduction pills while on Tarceva

  • By bagelo · Posted October 12, 2011
  • Discussion in Lung Cancer Survivors · 12 replies
  • Wow folks, did I ever have an eye opener today. Yesterday I was reading Marie's list of helpful hints for Tarceva side effects. It said you should not be taking long term acid reducers while on Tarceva ...

Beware of Heartburn Meds

  • By going-crazy · Posted January 24, 2012
  • Discussion in National Osteoporosis Foundation · 24 replies
  • Those of you taking Acid blockers for heartburn beware because I believe that I have osteoporosis at only 47 because I was taking Nexium, Prilosec, and Zantac for over 10 years (Not all at the same time ...

Finally, relief from the vomiting!

  • By Todd_O · Posted April 2, 2010
  • Journal entry · 8 replies
  • I had an appointment with the NP at my GI doc's office yesterday. It's been a month since my EGD which showed a nasty case of gastritis, probably caused by the meds eating away at my stomach lining, and ...

Stomach Cramps and possible flair ups.

  • By FlacaD · Posted April 2, 2013
  • Journal entry · 7 replies
  • I am having severe stomach cramps and for over week. I ended at the ER last Wedndsay due to severe vomiting and stomach craps and could not keep anything down. I got very scared thinking i was having ...

Omeprazole and Gastric Emptying

  • By samiduke · Posted August 13, 2007
  • Discussion in AGMD GI Motility Disorders · 22 replies
  • I have gastroparesis and in addition to my motility drugs I take Omeprazole (Prilosec) 30mg 3x/day. I started take Omeprazole a long time ago when I didn't have gastroparesis but had some heartburn and ...

How to battle acid reflux? And what are the best foods to eat right now?

  • By Ohno2009 · Posted October 3, 2009
  • Discussion in Ovarian Cancer National Alliance · 22 replies
  • Does anyone know what is the best over the counter medication for acid reflux? My wife is having a very hard time, we called the Doctors office and the nurses said that it is a side effect of the chemotherapy ...

Acid Reducers and Osteoporosis

  • By mamanolte · Posted April 2, 2010
  • Discussion in Lung Cancer Survivors · 11 replies
  • I recently watched an episode of Dr. Oz where they did a segment on acid reducers like Prilosec, Prevacid, etc. They stated that while it does help with acid reflux (GERD) it can lead to bone loss. I ...


  • By SamDeTray-11 · Posted July 2, 2010
  • Discussion in Scleroderma Foundation · 12 replies
  • have you notice that when you take these meds that it causes you to have more pain? I have to take Nexuim 40 mg two times a day sometimes three, and I notice when I do take it like I should or three times ...

Gastroenterology and Psoriasis aka leaky gut

npf-708 (Inactive)
  • By npf-708 (Inactive) · Posted July 31, 2004
  • Discussion in TalkPsoriasis · 169 replies
  • ** Originally posted by misales ** I'm going to put a poll up about this because I had gastro issues prior to P. I'm going to guess that I am not the only one. Chiropractic was brought up in a different ...

OTC anti-heartburn

  • By domsdoinit · Posted February 10, 2012
  • Discussion in Lung Cancer Survivors · 16 replies
  • Hey I have the most horrid heartburn all the think its ok to take an OTC antiheartburn med like Prilosec Otc-you take it once a day? thanks hugs dom ...

apple cider vinegar for osteoporosis

  • By gailbeth7719 · Posted January 2, 2014
  • Discussion in National Osteoporosis Foundation · 44 replies
  • My question is this- I have OP in my hip and spine but I was told that ACV will help me be more alkaline as I get this bad bile taste in my mouth that I need to ale prilosec for 14 days and then sucralfate ...

burning in neck and chest and a dilemma!

  • By Lauren2006 · Posted August 11, 2009
  • Discussion in AGMD GI Motility Disorders · 6 replies
  • So, my rx for aciphex ran out. My original plan was to take prilosec OTC when needed, or zantac. However, right when the aciphex ran out, my period was ending, (its over now) and I have had a burning ...

New reflux meds - a bit skeptical, but willing to try!

  • By EJandMAsMommy · Posted February 11, 2010
  • Discussion in Preemie · 4 replies
  • So a routine check-up to the ped today ended with a d/c of 3 meds, only to replace them with new meds. We are switching his anti-histamine from Zyrtec to Allegra. I'm okay with that, because I know from ...

Newbie Just like some info

  • By girlwithnolife · Posted May 9, 2010
  • Discussion in AGMD GI Motility Disorders · 19 replies
  • Hi all, I don't even know if I'm in the right place but here goes. I have suffered from acid reflux (at least that's what they tell me) and the past month or so my meds (prilosec at the moment) have quit ...

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