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Herniated discs?

  • By abbyc5 · Posted February 10, 2014
  • Discussion in Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation · 3 replies
  • So, after about 9 months of dealing with and attempting to treat chronic low back pain in college, I had an MRI done and was just told that I have not one, but two herniated discs (L3 and L5, if anyone ...

Pain due to herniated discs?

  • By Jenn487 · Posted January 4, 2013
  • Discussion in Pain and Pain Management · 6 replies
  • Just needing to vent & hoping I'm not alone.... I was a healthy 36 year old up until about 3 months ago. I am not sure what happened exactly but I started having back pain & sometimes pelvic pain. After ...

best procedure for herniated discs

  • By JMONTGOMERY (Inactive) · Posted December 21, 2008
  • Discussion in Health News · 7 replies
  • I have Stiff Persons Syndrome. I have several herniated discs. I am searching for the best procedure to correct these-the least invasive are preferable. Any positive personal experience is welcomed. Thanks ...

Herniated disc = Flare?

npf-10296 (Inactive)
  • By npf-10296 (Inactive) · Posted August 12, 2008
  • Discussion in TalkPsoriasis · 2 replies
  • ** Originally posted by JacobG1 ** Ok, I have been suffering with a herniated disc for the past year and was thinking that maybe this is tshe reason my P has gotten so bad so bad. Debating to get surgery ...

Herniated Disc

  • By ducksgirl · Posted March 25, 2010
  • Journal entry · 3 replies
  • I have been diagnosed with a herniaate disc - L4 TO l5 in my lower lumbar. The doc has put me on bedrest and doesn't beliEVE chriro or anything but rest will make me better....I am ani-inflamatories which ...

is lumabr disc herniation common with any of you EDSers

  • By dee123u · Posted February 27, 2013
  • Discussion in Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation · 18 replies
  • just recently had MRI, the report came back stating 2 herniated discs. my leg is very weak and have trouble with steps, physical therapy was encouraged by doctor but for now its lots of Neurontin. if ...

Herniated Disc L4-L-5

  • By lara17pla4 · Posted April 12, 2013
  • Discussion in Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation · 7 replies
  • Hi all, I am coming to everyone with heartfelt awareness of how frightened I am as I learn more and can do less everyday. I was diagnosed in Nov. 2012. I am already in a full prosthetic leg brace from ...

herniated disc in neck and Sarc

  • By John__C · Posted May 18, 2011
  • Discussion in Stop Sarcoidosis · 8 replies
  • Just seen the neurosurgeon today and she told me I had a herniated disc and a bulging disc in my neck caused by degenerative arthritis. Searching through the forums here it seems like a lot of people ...

Herniated Disc in Lower Back

  • By kim534 · Posted March 1, 2011
  • Discussion in Stop Sarcoidosis · 2 replies
  • Hi, I'm just going through all the testing involved with sarc. They are 99.9% sure that I have it. My Question is within a week of them saying that they are sure that I have it my back went out!!! I had ...

Herniated discs in back?

  • By Jenn487 · Posted January 6, 2013
  • Discussion in Bones, Joints and Muscles · 7 replies
  • Does anyone have herniated discs in their back at L/4 & L/5? I had one epidural cortisone injection on Dec 20th & have been in terrible pain ever since. I'm scheduled to have another injection on Tues ...

Herniated Disc In Lower Back – The Hidden Cause of Herniated Discs

  • By frmeital · Posted September 25, 2011
  • Journal entry · 0 replies
  • If you were diagnosed with a herniated disc in lower back, or a ruptured disc, prolapsed disc or bulging disc – these terms mean the same thing; it just depends who you were talking to. A disc herniates ...

GI-GU Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

  • By GutPain · Posted June 14, 2009
  • Discussion in AGMD GI Motility Disorders · 13 replies
  • Many of you seem to have a degree of pelvic floor dysfunction, and I am sure it varies among us. What I am wondering is , Does anyone have decreased sensory? meaning that you can't feel the urge to go ...

scleroderma, osteoarthrits, degenerative disc disease

  • By DaisyDo · Posted May 11, 2013
  • Discussion in Scleroderma Foundation · 136 replies
  • Recently we've had a discussion about the autoimmune nature of osteoarthritis (and degenerative disc disease), in which I posted some recent research supporting it as autoimmune. That doesn't mean that ...

disc in neck

  • By daisybonnie · Posted January 31, 2011
  • Journal entry · 13 replies
  • has any one had a bulging disc taken out of there neck i seen my neurosurgen last week my left arm is numb all the way up he is going to get me in hosp soon as he can to operate take disc out and fuse ...

Disc herniations and spinal cord compression

  • By LeslieB23 · Posted October 14, 2012
  • Discussion in Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation · 16 replies
  • Hi, I was diagnosed with EDS, type 3 in August. Has anyone else dealt with multiple disc herniations and spinal cord compression? I am currently having symptoms of spinal cord compression (loss of balance ...

Exploratory surgery - results

  • By snowbear2012 · Posted March 18, 2014
  • Journal entry · 4 replies
  • I had an exploratory laparoscopy last Friday to determine the cause of pelvic/abdominal pain. All gyneological causes were ruled out - ovarian cyst is getting smaller, no signs of infection or inflammation ...

Extreme back and neck.pain

  • By chronicpain47 · Posted August 28, 2013
  • Discussion in Genetic Alliance · 20 replies
  • Hello..I'm.a 48 yr old female from NJ.. I been suffering horrible neck and middle back pain with awful spasms..I have severe osteoarthritis in right shoulder. My lower back feels like a 10 lb bag of potatoes ...

For members who are anticentromere positive - only

  • By DaisyDo · Posted October 24, 2010
  • Discussion in Scleroderma Foundation · 48 replies
  • I have ultra-high anticentromere antibodies. So high that LabCorp simply says greater than 8.0 where the normal range is 0.0 to 0.9. I'd like to know if there's anyone else out there who has anticentromere ...

Osteochondritis in scleroderma?

  • By DaisyDo · Posted June 17, 2011
  • Discussion in Scleroderma Foundation · 2 replies
  • Along with the scleroderma, I also have also at least 5 herniated discs, and neck vertebrae spontaneously fusing together. My dad also had the combo of multiple herniated discs, and spontaneous fusion ...

Just Wondering ?

  • By jneeley2012 · Posted July 11, 2013
  • Discussion in Scleroderma Foundation · 15 replies
  • Is there anyone with scleroderma on here that has had problems with herniated discs or degenerative disc disease? I have had problems with my neck and back for years. I actually thought that Raynaud's ...

Herniated L5 disc, abdominal pain and GI issues

  • By Caribou88 · Posted December 15, 2013
  • Discussion in AGMD GI Motility Disorders · 13 replies
  • It has been a long road for me maybe not in terms of time scale but emotionally and constantly hitting dead ends, here's my story. Hopefully it may shed some light on other peoples issues, or I may find ...

neck muscle spasms one year after TT

  • By Kathryn65 · Posted October 3, 2013
  • Discussion in ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association · 16 replies
  • Not sure if my symptoms have anything to do with TT but thought I would ask. I had an uneventful TT September, 2012. Surgery took just under 2 hours. There were minimal adhesions to adjacent skeletal ...

Inflamed discs

  • By Dorothy_R · Posted August 9, 2010
  • Discussion in Stop Sarcoidosis · 11 replies
  • Hi everyone, I was officially diagnosed with sarc earlier this year and have been taking methotrexate. I think it is working. The diagnosis has been made on a range of symptoms and test results - no tissue ...

Tarlov Cyst Woes

  • By BLHMAMA · Posted March 21, 2012
  • Discussion in Genetic Alliance · 18 replies
  • I have spent lots of time reading everyone's stories about their experiences with these nasty cysts and decided I wanted to share my story. Not because mine is worse or much different, but just so I can ...

New and Scared

  • By steffanie_O · Posted December 26, 2008
  • Discussion in WomenHeart · 18 replies
  • I am as my Dr. says "an otherwise healthy 33 year old woman" however, I just had a heart attack on Sunday. After 3 days of Drs. not knowing what the heck was going on, I finally ended up in the ER where ...

Back surgery with osteoporosis

  • By SantaFe · Posted March 16, 2010
  • Discussion in National Osteoporosis Foundation · 7 replies
  • Have any of you with osteoporosis had back surgery? I have been trying to avoid having back surgery for years, but am now steering towards it as my life is getting too narrowed down because of the exercise ...

STILL have pain down my left leg

  • By robwilliams · Posted August 3, 2008
  • Discussion in TalkPsoriasis · 6 replies
  • ** Originally posted by robwilliams ** Finally went to the the Doc on Thursday. She insisted I have an MRI on my back to see what's going on. I haven't got the results yet, but, the person perfoming the ...

Lower lumbar disc disease

  • By msarmywife · Posted August 21, 2010
  • Discussion in Genetic Alliance · 10 replies
  • This post is not about me but about my husband, a 26 yr old soldier. My husband has had back pain and numbness for about 6 months now. About 3 months ago during a PT run he had to stop because of numbness ...

heart cath tuesday

  • By tsharrard50 · Posted March 2, 2013
  • Discussion in WomenHeart · 8 replies
  • I had a chemical induced and nuclear stress test done on Thursday and was sent to see a cardiologist on Friday and set up for a heart cath on Tuesday due to the nuclear scan. I am trying to research all ...

lower lumbar exercises

  • By Jamala · Posted January 21, 2014
  • Discussion in National Osteoporosis Foundation · 9 replies
  • What do you do to build bone density in the lower lumbar region? I walk on the tread mill, but I'm not sure what else to do. I had a herniated disc in that area in the past. Any advice you on exercising ...

MS Symptoms & disc problems

  • By angie5 · Posted August 9, 2007
  • Discussion in Health News · 10 replies
  • OK, not good! Had my MRI done on my back I have 4 to 5 discs herniated. Now I have to have surgery GREAT! 6 weeks of P.T & off to the operating table. I saw my neuro this week he wants me to see a Reumotologist ...

Back Pain

  • By Eileenken · Posted August 12, 2009
  • Discussion in Ovarian Cancer National Alliance · 3 replies
  • Over the last few weeks. My Dr has had me believing that I may have Ovarian Cancer Ok, so I have been through all sorts of testing. I still have no diagnosis. (Of any nature) and it is very unsettling ...

And now I have two herniated discs in my neck...

  • By Tzipora · Posted April 13, 2011
  • Journal entry · 7 replies
  • I'm pretty convinced my body is just falling apart. I recently learned I have a 4cm cyst on my left ovary (and it's definitely pushing on my colon/ rectum and making bathroom issues worse and more painful ...

neck surgery dangerous for me?

  • By jewls4u2treasure · Posted July 31, 2010
  • Discussion in Stop Sarcoidosis · 5 replies
  • Hello all. I have had sarcoidosis for 16 years, and for 4 years pervious to a car accident I had it under reasonable control-i.e. not in lungs, . . . but was up to running 3 miles 3x a week, put myself ...

Lower back pain/ slipped disc

  • By sweetlady157 · Posted July 15, 2009
  • Discussion in Health News · 9 replies
  • five years ago, I experience some mild back pain. I notice each time I leaned against a wall or sit down the pain would leave. As time went on, it got worse. I went to my doctor and he sent me to a nerosurgeon ...

Dr. Tinkle Diagnosed Me with EDS. I Have Lots of Questions

  • By Kris4444 · Posted April 4, 2013
  • Discussion in Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation · 7 replies
  • I haven't gotten my official report yet but we did have a conversation on the phone and he has diagnosed me with EDS, I'm assuming it's the hypermobile type but I didn't ask. He really stressed that he ...

Important Question for Tarlov Patients/Experts

  • By Prosperita · Posted August 28, 2010
  • Discussion in Genetic Alliance · 9 replies
  • Hello: Thank you in advance for your help. Before 7/14/2010 I had no major physical problems... a super healthy 32-year-old living and loving life (just hip pain). Last month I suddenly felt pelvic pressure ...

thyroid cancer treatment concerns

  • By gloriana · Posted April 15, 2013
  • Discussion in ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association · 7 replies
  • Hi, I just found out I have thyroid cancer . i was happy to hear this and my doctor was surprised as I have been through many tests to find why my CEA was elevated for the past 2 and a half years. I am ...

Dowagers Hump

  • By Krisseykatz · Posted November 3, 2013
  • Discussion in National Osteoporosis Foundation · 3 replies
  • HI there....I hope you all are well! I have been wondering what to do what about this problem and I finally had a bright idea that this may be the community where I can possibly get some answers! I had ...

Femoral pain... can anyone identify?

  • By CindyFromKansas · Posted June 8, 2012
  • Journal entry · 25 replies
  • Hi my dear inspire people! This is the place to be for support and knowledge! I hope someone can identify with my pain and help me DX it. Where my legs meet my body in front... hurts! Hurts to raise my ...

Memorial Day Meltdown

  • By Kris4444 · Posted May 30, 2011
  • Discussion in Scleroderma Foundation · 16 replies
  • Well what was supposed to be a nice day with my fiance, kids, mom and grandma turned into me crying hysterically in my kitchen in front of everyone (except Gram who is 95 and pretty much deaf). I am just ...

Weather, a pain trigger

  • By christinejm · Posted March 18, 2013
  • Discussion in Fibromyalgia · 12 replies
  • Living with FM the weather plays a huge role in the pain levels. I woke up this morning in such agony. It is amazing how the tempeture can really screw us up with our bodies. how do handle it? most of ...

MRI results

  • By Goldie21 · Posted March 29, 2014
  • Discussion in Lung Cancer Survivors · 6 replies
  • Well I got the results back from my MRI tests and they came back with 2 herniated discs at the L4 and L5 with sciatic nerves and I'm developing arthritis in my spine along with it too! My doc has scheduled ...

Physical Therapy

  • By robwilliams · Posted September 15, 2008
  • Discussion in TalkPsoriasis · 13 replies
  • ** Originally posted by robwilliams ** My PCP wanted me to try this. She said it will probably do NOTHING for my Psoriatic Spondylitis, because I have gone soo many years and there is soo much damage ...

Sick and uninsured, what to do?

  • By James-n-Ga · Posted September 6, 2013
  • Discussion in Neurofibromatosis Network · 7 replies
  • Hello, My name is James and I am pretty sure I have NF 1. I went to a neurologist because of spasms that racked the whole right side of my body, falling, numbness in hands and feet and severe spinal pain ...

Can you have MS,Lupus & Sarcoidosis?

  • By volvo · Posted January 28, 2014
  • Discussion in Stop Sarcoidosis · 5 replies
  • I have had sarcoidosis for over 3 yrs ad still have not been in remission. My they are testing me for doctors have called me a complicated case, hey are testing me for lupus ( which for some reason it ...

disc disease and sarcoid

  • By stevemart · Posted July 11, 2008
  • Discussion in Stop Sarcoidosis · 8 replies
  • Both my son and I have beeen diagnosed with pulmonary sarcoid. I had it 30 years ago and he's had it about four years and can't get off prednisone. We both have severe disc disease inour backs and suffer ...

Hi! Just Registered as a Member

  • By Airway · Posted February 3, 2007
  • Discussion in TalkPsoriasis · 6 replies
  • ** Originally posted by airway ** Hi everyone! I've been living with psoriasis for several years. I'd like to get acquainted here on the boards. My issue has been mainly scalp psoriasis, and my experience ...

Go Ahead And Try New Stuff...

npf-7540 (Inactive)
  • By npf-7540 (Inactive) · Posted February 14, 2009
  • Discussion in TalkPsoriasis · 4 replies
  • ** Originally posted by Pastor ** I had not been back to the dermatologist in almost a year, and the spots on my legs & torso had become pretty bad. I was taking 50mg of Enbrel about once a month, couldn't ...

Total Newbie ( to this site ) I have some serious concerns and need some he

npf-12477 (Inactive)
  • By npf-12477 (Inactive) · Posted November 5, 2009
  • Discussion in TalkPsoriasis · 12 replies
  • ** Originally posted by Bladinboi25 ** Hello to All. First off I'd like to say I'm very grateful for sites like these and I'm grateful to whomever may reply irregardless of their answer ( with me or against...I ...

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