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Anyone On Or Have Taken Interferon & Ribavirin?

  • By OuiserSnaps · Posted August 16, 2013
  • Discussion in American Liver Foundation · 10 replies
  • My name is Ryan. I'm a 44 year male with hemophilia A. I found out in March 2013 that I have Hepatitis C, genotype 3a. It appears that I've had it 30 years or more and it was never caught. I contracted ...

I need information....PLEASE HELP!

  • By Stephanie7 · Posted May 17, 2007
  • Journal entry · 3 replies
  • My daughter's father has Hepatitis C......has known he has had it for about 5years now. For about the last two years he has been peeing bright-dark,orangish-color urine! For almost 10 months now, he has ...

enjoying life

  • By pece · Posted October 18, 2007
  • Journal entry · 1 reply
  • Living with hep-c for about four years now. been on treatment twice but had to stop because the side effect interacted with other meds so I am taking a break.I have a very fulfilling life these days ...

Hepatitis C

  • By CHATTY1 · Posted August 31, 2007
  • Discussion in Health News · 5 replies
  • Can anyone tell me what to expect now that my 6 weeks of 'hibernation' are over? How will I know if I am a chronic patient or if it's all cleared up and now I'm just fine? My doctor won't tell me what ...

hepatits c

  • By MILLARD · Posted October 11, 2007
  • Discussion in Health News · 4 replies
  • just started 48 week treatment of pegasys and copegus. wanted to speek to anyone that was or is on same treatment ...

hep c diagnosed

  • By Helpingallcan · Posted October 9, 2010
  • Discussion in Hepatitis C · 2 replies
  • I was diagnosed with hep c back in 2005, I almost passed out when the doctor told me. On June 26 2010 it had progressed and I had to start treatment I take copegus and pegasys. It has been rough, I'm ...

Going on week 24 with my treatment

  • By Helpingallcan · Posted December 4, 2010
  • Discussion in Hepatitis C · 5 replies
  • I have been on treatment for hep C for 24 weeks now, they say all my bloodwork looks good so far and that I have a 90% chance of achieving SVR where it's not detected in my blood and it will prevent cirrsis ...

living with it

  • By Tr1956 · Posted August 20, 2013
  • Discussion in American Liver Foundation · 13 replies
  • When I found out I had this disease my mind went on an emotional roller-coaster for a while. My life style and diet had to change. the most important thing was my attitude had to be positive! The relationship ...

Alinia and Hep C

  • By jannygirl760 · Posted September 25, 2013
  • Discussion in American Liver Foundation · 4 replies
  • Has anyone been on Alinia and Pegasys for Hep C? I am allergic to Ribavirin. I am in late stage 3 fibrosis's. Had 3 biopsies in the last 15 yrs. Started Interferon in 1995. Didn't work. Interferon and ...

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