A lot of the time, up until an hour after I've eaten a meal, my blood sugar is around 55. I'm confused because I thought your blood sugar was supposed to be highest after you eat. Mine is the opposite. I think it's hypoglycemia, but I'm not sure?

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First question, what do you have?

Digestive disorders play havoc with everything. I have been hypoglycemic for 15 years, several of those have been severe enough that I have a glucometer to check if I start feeling shaky. Part of my problem though is also metabolic. For the first part of that time, I produced too much insulin, so I would have an insulin spike after eating in an already insulin heavy system, then bottom out.

Since developing GP, things have leveled u somewhat, if only because I am doing primarily liquids. The nutrients get into my system faster that way instead of being held up in my stomach for hours.


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You could have hypoglycemia. First, if you haven't done it already, keep a log of when and what you eat, and your blood sugar readings. Also note when you have symptoms and what they are. A doctor is going to want you to do this first anyway.

Do you get shaky or faint? I can pass out when I get below 70. You could be dealing with reactive hypoglycemia, which is triggered by eating.

It is kind of difficult to get a hypoglycemia diagnosis, so hopefully you have a good doctor!

Let me know what you find out, and if you need any tips. I can tell you what helps me, and maybe it will help you too!

Take care,


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Hi. Do you have gastroparesis? If you do, there could be a delay in your stomach's absorption of food. I get this sometimes - feeling light headed even though I just ate. I find that liquids absorb normally, so I go for the orange juice (no pulp) or cranberry juice or something when I feel low-blood-sugary. The drinks get absorbed pretty quickly and then I feel better.

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