Microvascular Disease Showing Up in Good Places

Hello heart women!
I got a catalog in the mail yesterday for continuing education classes for RN's. In the preamble for one of the classes, "Depression and Suicide", I noticed that the author listed "microvascular disease" as a predisposing factor for depression. Unfortunately, little more is said about MVD specifically, but it led me to wonder how many of us, here on Inspire, with MVD, also have depression?
I certainly do, but it seems less a biochemical thing than it does a reaction to all the awful ways I've been maltreated in the medical world due to my diagnosis of MVD. I often experience the loss of hope after I've been dismissed by an ER doc, or a cardiologist or even my family doc--- told to go home and "do something distracting!" Or just told to go home. Or just summarily dismissed. (In nursing, the ER crew used to (probably still does) call patients like me "GOMERS", meaning "Get Out of My Emergency Room." The ultimate slap in the face. Caring and lovely, eh?
If any of this rings a bell for you, I'd love to hear about it.
I've learned here on Inspire that camaraderie is often a spell breaker when I'm in the hold of depression or any other comorbidity of heart disease.

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