Drama in the ER! Holy Moley!

This is a statement of events that happened on 8/10/12 in the Audie L Murphey Emergency Department. I Josie Jackson was wheeled into the emergency department by a patient advocacy volunteer. Upon arrival to the emergency department I was asked my age before any other questions about my physical condition. I was having chest pain at level 7and headache at level 8. I was very weak and also having trouble breathing. I was sent back to a room to be triaged and hooked up with leads for an EKG . I told the RN my symptoms while a navy person in training put an IV in my arm. He drew blood from the IV. During this time I informed the RN that my previous ER visit involved a bag of potassium and saline fluid because my levels had dropped to 2.7. This visit I speak of is August 5, 2012. I had come in for chest pain that day as well and was administered to nitroglycerin tablet sublingually and one aspirin. My pain had gone away with in two minutes and stayed gone for one hour. I woke up from a nap that same day at that ER visit with headache and chest pain again, my blood pressure had also risen to 154/106. I was discharged with pain and my blood pressure high. back to today's incident 8/10/12; after I was left alone from being triaged the doctor came in and asked me questions. My bed was still very high from when my blood was drawn. The doctor asked me why I was so determined to get a stress test. I told him my doctor ordered the stress test. The doctor then said you are 29 years old I doubt that you have any problems with your heart all your tests are negative. I told him that Dr. Comosi  ordered my stress test and that the last ER visit I had they recommended that it be moved up. The doctor asked me what I was doing at the hospital today I said I was at cardiology requesting that my stress test appointment be moved up. The doctor said even if I have a stress test there is 0% chance they will find anything because there's nothing wrong with my heart. Then the doctor asked me again why I was here in the ER. At that point I was very confused and aggravated. I told him that I did not ask to come to the ER and that someone brought to me to the ER from patient advocacy. He asked me again why was I at the ER and what brought me to the ER. I told him that I did not understand what was going on and because he was not listening to me I no longer wanted to communicate with him. The doctor left the room and I pushed the button to call the nurse. When the nurse came in I was highly upset and in tears asking for my mother. I told the nurse that I did not want to speak with that doctor again I did not want that doctor to treat me and I wanted to leave. The nurse sent for my mom. then she lowered my bed. My mom came into the room at the same time that the doctor came back into my room. My mom and the doctor were talking back and forth about my condition. As soon as I heard the doctor say that there was nothing wrong with me and that I was not sick I asked the nurse to take the IV out of my arm. The nurse kept procrastinating while the doctor and my mom argued. The doctor immediately denied saying that there was nothing wrong with me right after he stated that I was not sick. all I wanted to do was get out of there as fast as I could. I was upset and having chest pain and dizzy during all of this. I pulled the IV out of my arm because the nurse refused to take it out and she quickly got gauze and tape it down. My mom helped me get dressed and we left the ER. We went back to patient advocacy. All I went up there for was to push my appointment up, wich did get pushed up to Tuesday . Hot mess.

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