womenheart tele conference

was happy to be a part of the tele confernce i would like to see womeheart, aha, ev1 get linked with all women and heart disease we are chf we are wired we are heart disease survivors
looking forward to what can be done to help prevent and help those of us living with this disease

live life love life
surviving heart disease one day at a time
for 11 years
with trigger 04/08

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I had to hang up around 6:40pm to go lead my local WomenHeart support group meeting. I think the Q&A was just getting started as I left. Did people have good questions?

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Yes, each question opened lots of discussion and interest and good answers. Lisa Tate said the whole thing will be available online soon via WomenHeart. The new risk factors related to pregnancy complications were astounding! Turns out I have one-- gestational diabetes- lo, these 24 years ago. PreEclamsia and third trimester bleeding were others. I wonder why they didn't add menopause-- the surgical kind. The loss of hormones from surgical and from natural menopause is a risk, but not listed as one on the "official" CDC or AHA lists.
I was a little disappointed not to get to ask my questions, so here they are, for this forum:
I'd like to know more detail about the new health reform act as it relates to helping people who are impovrished- the homeless, the jobless. There are millions of people who don't have health benefits of any kind, and currently have just a little too much money to qualify. How is the government and the private sector of the health care industry aniticipating handling those needs.
I really wanted to know if there is anything encouraging that Secretary Sebelius could tell us about whether Medicare and Social Security will survive. There are millions of us with heart disease who rely heavily on those programs.
And what about access for women in poverty?? Outreach??
I hope that some information on these issues will be forthcoming. I'll check in periodically with healthcare.gov and womenshealth.gov/heartattack to see how things are going. I'm also going to contact my legislators.
I hope you will too!

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I learned a valuable lesson about logging on to these teleconferences. Log on 5-10 minutes BEFORE the call starts.

I clicked on my computer about 30 seconds before start time, only to get an error message saying the event had already started and I could not be added. Oooops. :-( So I look forward to seeing the online version on the WomenHeart website.

I'm so glad that pregnancy complications are finally being officially flagged as serious risk factors for women. Dr. Graeme Smith at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario has been doing astounding work on pre-eclampsia's link to later heart disease (4-5 times higher risk for HD compared to women who have never been diagnosed with PE during pregnancy). After my heart attack, my cardiologists wanted to know all about my smoking, diabetes or high cholesterol history - but not one has EVER asked me if I'd had pre-eclampsia 30 years earlier (= I did!)



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