what does it all mean?

I spent 26 hours in the hospital after having bad chest pain and other symptoms. I took a picture of the top of my ekg just because. It stated sinus tachycardia, moderate intraventricular conduction delay, minimal st depression and and abnormal rythm ecg. What does all of that.mean? I'm now prescribed double my usual dose of lisinopril, baby aspirin and micro-k and I have to carry nitro with me. I'm only 35. They did find that my potassium is really low and the ekg they did a while after giving me potassium was normal. I also got to see my heart skip beats on the ekg after the stress test. Nervous and no diagnosis.

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I am in same position as they don't really explain which is worrying . Anxiety & nervousness can be symptons too .They call it fibrillation & in my case they are trying to correct it with medication otherwise a pacemaker may be needed. There are groups in UK When used to get the problem nobody wanted the risk now I just take ranitidine & my GTN spray now tablets & cross my fingers . It can cause problems with anaethetists, dentists & insurance companies as links to pulse & breathing. The Heart foundation is doing a campaign round this ie: Pulse . If you feel pain acutely it can be resolved with sedation but you can be a risk ,and like me , end up isolated or regularly in hospitals. ... oh dear.

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The explanation for your ekg changes is the low potassium. I don't know why your potassium was low. You should follow up with your primary care physician to discuss this.

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Low pottasium is a culprit for alot of things. I know that when im under alot of stress mine can go a bit low. The lower it is the worse problems there is associated with it. Try not to panic so much because that makes all these symptoms soooo much worse. Be good to your self and take a walk and a warm bath and try to relax. A possitive mind is bliss..

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Hi Sally,
It sounds like they gave you a bunch of diagnoses and meds to address them. Don't you need to give it a while to see if those things help you?

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Just get to the bottom of the cause of your low potassium and I think you can relax.

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I was told my low potassium was due to dehydration. I now take a Klor-Con tablet once a day and don't have those problems anymore. Just a thought. Good Luck, Bloss

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