Throwing pvcs again :(

Im getting a bit nervous as i think im heading for a pvc attack. I havent had one in a very long time. The stress of all the tests and worry in the past 6 weeks can be the cause. I am resting but there coming about every 7th beat right now. The last time i had an attack i was every other beat. Ive always felt them low like near the stomach. This time they feel higher like more in the chest. I have a horrible headache and have had it all day with no tylenol/advil relief what so ever. I must say that ive never had such a bad headache. I have not been eating very well this past couple of days and have had more sugar then in the past 7 weeks. Im hoping this ends before getting worse. I hate the idea of a trip to the e.r. I went to the doc this morning because i have swelling at the roof of my mouth and soar nose and a lump in my left jaw line. She had to have been all of 14 or so and said that it was a virus and not to worry. LOL! I think my immune system is low from all the stress. I hope this headache goes and i can calm myself and get through this. I love this site because i can vent and that certainly helps! :)

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I will look into ablation if i have to go through attacks again. I am happy to hear that it has been so successful for you. :>

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Hi Shari!

Just wanted to say congratulations on a successful ablation. Glad to hear that it solved your problem with the PVCs and that you can exercise without shortness of breath. I had an ablation on November 29 and have the same experience. I can walk steps, hills, run the sweeper etc. It is like a new lease on life. I have to tell you, I wish I was as lucky as you to have endured 2 hours of ablation, since I had to endure 9 hours without sedation because the doctors had to speed up my heart to regulate the PVCs .
But I survived it and I am very happy with the results. I can't wait until Spring to ride my bike. Unlike Dootles from California, we do have cold weather and snow to deal with. So Spring ... I am waiting to take you on.

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Hi, I had a HA on Feb 14th 2011 2 stents too RCA artery.. I was having over 10,000 P.V.C's a day.. I could not exercise and I was short of breath all the time.. It was just uncomfortable. My G.P referred me two a electrophysoligist (sp) I had a ablation in Dec and not one P.V.C. since it took 2 hours and had such a profound affect.. I can exercise and walk and walk with no shortness of breath! My P.V.C's were coming out of the scar tissue from the HA... It was a easy fix because there was one focal point! I do not know your situation but seems it may be something for u too check into!

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Thanks girls.. I woke this morning with none for the day so far and were half over. I do think i have some post tramatic stress over the holiday hell ive had this past season. I feel very depressed today, im in a real funk. Soooo!!! Im over it, listing to 80's tunes, which right now Money for nothing is on.. You know! The Mtv song.. LOL!! Its such a beautiful day in calif today. The wind is blowing and its about 80 here now. I should just get up off this computer and get myself together. I have been waiting for state licensing to come into my preschool that ive owned for 27 years. I had a complaint last week saying i was over capacity. Nope.. No deal.. Look at my sign in sheets.. But you know how there are.. Like the damn FBI looking through a magnafieing glass. So yes im waiting and its like waiting for the enemy to attack! If they can get a fine out of me, thats there goal. The state needs money and they will even take it from us small business owners that work our butts to the tail bone and do a community service as well. MONEY AINT FOR NOTHIN!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOOL PERFECT SONG!!!!!! O i needed a good laugh!! :>
Have a great day girls... I want my MTV.... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!! Love it!
Deb :>

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I have PVCs quite often myself and docs keep saying it is ok and the more you worry and stress over them, the worse they get. Chill out, watch a comedy on TV and try your best to not worry.

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PVCs wont do you any harm .......I feel that they have come back because of stress and the fact that youre not eating properly.....the headache also could be caused by this .........keep warm and eat properly , try to chill out and I'm sure you will feel better soon .....xx

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