Testing Strips for Nitric Oxide Levels

Interesting. May or may not be new, I simply had not come across this before!

Unsure how accurate or how much it is an aid in something I already know I must be depleted in as Nitric Oxide(NO) is what helps my angina, but it made me curious all the same if my NO depletion shows up!

I found it on the same page that of course is selling something else: Neo40 which claims to be better than and safer than L-Arginine for adults over 40! It has in its dissolvable lozenge: L-Arginine, Vitamin C, Magnesium, B12 and something I have been looking at adding to my morning cocktail... L-Citrulline. All my investigations say pairing that is a good thing. As always check with your doctor before adding any supplements.

So just some info you can peruse. Has anyone come across this or used it yet?

INFO about Neo40-

TEST strips-

-much love and light
<3 Annette

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Found another link about the company with lots of videos, etc. on researchers as well.


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Really interesting.
I wonder if this can be a fix-it for PA patients who are deficent in NO. I do like the idea of the test strips if they really tell the truth. I'm always a bit leary about these kinds of quick fixes, but also don't want to rule out a possible help mate. What to do, what to do???
Thank you for this information.

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I know right?????!!!!! With PA and MVDers I bet it is just another test we figure we won't see the deficiency!? How sad is that? I keep hoping for a more solid support of why I need so much darn nitro!! : / a truly fickle thing.

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Thanks to both of you for this info on NO! I found the articles really interesting. I thought I already knew all there was to know about NO, but this was really enlightening. I already take L-Argenine, but after reading the article and seeing what's in the supplement they sell, I just ordered L-citraline from Vitacost that I plan to take with it since it appears that you need it as a precurser to L-Argenine. I get most of my supplements from them since they seem to be the cheapest. Mostly because of using their brand and no shipping if you order $25 worth of Vitacost products. I haven't had an angina attack or coronary artery spasm for about 3 years since I went on this supplement regimen. You'd probably have a heart attack if you knew all the different ones I take! My heart specialist just throws up her hands, but she couldn't find anything wrong at my last visit, so she said come back in a year if I feel I need to. I probably will order those test strips, because it would be nice to know if I've really succeeded in upping my NO levels. Before I started all this, I was having to take a nitro under my tongue as soon as I started my walk. Now it's been 3 years since I popped one of those and I walk & ride my bike a couple miles every day.

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That's a great story!!!! Love the happier endings with additional supplements! Good for you!!! I am always researching better uptake and best ways.... It does matter! Some of us don't get complete remission, but if you can??? Lucky you! Take it and appreciate it for what it's worth!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and let us know if the citruline is beneficial!!
Best to you!!!! :)

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I tried various search terms in google and found no articles about the test strips that were not involved in selling them. Most places had the "this statement has not been evaluated by the FDA" disclaimer. I would be skeptical about the effectiveness of this product and suspect there is not much clinical usefulness. Sorry to be the party pooper.

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Hopefully, someone will do some research independently of the sellers----probably some of us, :) I might give it a try if I go through a bad spell. So far, I am doing OK on my Calcium channel blocker. If anyone tries this product, then let us all know how it goes. I know it is not scientific but still value the input. Joyce

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Very interesting inforamtion ... I might see if I can order some as well (if they post to NZ)

I was looking up about nitric oxide and came across this info:

"...nitric oxide isn't present in foods, certain compounds found in foods stimulate nitric oxide production in the body..."

1. "Spicy foods, such as cayenne peppers and jalapenos, contain a compound called capsaicin, which might increase nitric oxide production..."
2. "Increasing your intake of dark chocolate might boost nitric oxide output
3. "Tofu - Soy protein contains chemical compounds called isoflavones, which have similar properties to the hormone estrogen...Good sources of soy isoflavones include tofu, soybeans, soy milk and soy nuts."
4. "Watermelon - L-arginine is an amino acid created by the liver that improves blood vessel function and is converted to nitric oxide in the body...Scientists ... discovered that the amino acid L-citrulline also boosts nitric oxide levels by increasing blood levels of L-arginine...L-arginine and L-citrulline are found in foods such as watermelon, legumes, meats and nuts."

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/465685-list-of-foods-high-in-nitric-oxide

I am off to the shop to buy "chili- dark chocolate"!


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I just found this article ... interesting as well ... has anyone heard of the "CVProfilor DO-2020 that can measure the elasticity of your arteries, an indication of NO production."?



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Yarnkitty- I don't think you are being a party pooper! Lol I did same and found no other info on these test strips from scientific data. To me, another interesting aspect of how could we eventually get tested timely or start treatment sooner than excluding everything including the kitchen sink first? Hopeful like a dog again!!!

Leery and suspicious as well of any product only backed by seller.... Yet information about the neo40 was filled with clues on pairing good supplements to possibly aid NO production. How can there be nothing to support testing in this simple way or is it smoke and mirrors with something else reading positive in the strip after taking the neo40? You are making me poke some more all over again!! :)

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I don't know. One article I read about NO in general referred to the difficulty of measuring it in vivo because of the rapid dissipation. That just makes me wonder if the amount in your spit exposed to air actually corresponds in any meaningful way to concentrations in the blood stream. Also I don't think concentration is constant, it's more of a local phenomenon, but I can't swear I'm right on that. We need to talk to a good biochemist!

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No... what you say makes lots of sense. I was thinking too about how they do trace amounts (like breathalyzers) that can sort of catch things BUT gases in our cells??? yeah.... oh well. Still, I like the info about the mix of supplements. Admittedly, I felt like a kid when I fist saw it.... YEAHHHH a simple test. My days of youth and believing the sideshow act revisited me briefly- LOL. SO good to have you all to bounce info! Relevant and even no-so-relevant. :) Most of the time I end up learning more from the posters and what it stirs up than the original thought!

It's all one puzzle and I look for any piece for a clue in this crazy game of taming the Beast! : /

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oh... in reply to Tamra... I have noticed my craving for spicey food has really been upped since my heart issues!! I could eat Mexican or Indian or Szechuan every day...hottest I can get it. I always think our bodies are trying to give clues and talking to us all the time, I am just sometimes slow on the uptake even when it's screaming at me... MORE NITRO! :)

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Thanks, Tamra for the other link! It was also interesting and again confirming to me how important L-Argenine is for the lining of our arteries. I'm looking forward to getting & trying the L-Citraline, though. One of the other supplements I take which I think is really important is Natokinase called Nato for short. It makes your blood slippery so it doesn't stick to the rough places...not as likely anyway. It's made from fermented soy. Just Google it and you'll find lots of info on it and why it's so good for your circulation. I'm all for anything that will get my blood through an artery that is spasming or through a very tiny one. I have really small arteries in my heart, so when one spasms, it was terrible pain, because the blood wasn't getting through. Anyway, as I said before, I thank God every day that I don't have them anymore and I give God the credit for showing me what to take to cure myself.

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I have had 3 good nights sleep (toes crossed for more). Today was the day I increased to 30mg of nitrate.

I was expecting a big headache and weird feelings...but NO headache and today (touch wood) I actually felt "normal" for the first time in soooo many months I cannot remember! Is this possible? I did not have any chest pain....yeah (until this pm)

The funny thing is at around 7pm I started getting a little headache and a chest pain. My cardiologist told me the nitrate works for 16 hours and then the liver needs a break for the next 8 hours. So she suggested I take the nitrate at 7am, so I had cover until 11pm. But each night around 7-8:30 I have noticed that my chest pains increase. Maybe the nitrate only works 12 hours and not 16hours?

Does anyone else notice when their nitrate has worn off? How long does it last for everyone else?

I cooked a spicy Indian curry tonight! It will be interesting to see how my Gallbladder tolerates this?

Assuming the information I shared with you all above is correct? L-Arginine is produced in the Liver .... I think it is NOT a coincidence that I am on a waiting list to have my gallbladder removed (-3.1% ejection rate from my HIDA scan) and simultaneously I have been experiencing chest pain and now assumed I have MVD and CAS ... hence my body is not producing enough nitric oxide .... the gallbladder is attached to the liver ... and L-Arginine is produced in the liver

My hopes are, when they take my gallbladder out, my liver will be happy again and produce L-Arginine again and maybe .... my heart will settle back to the normal me???

I know you all do not want me to get my hopes up and put my head in the sand....but maybe there is a connection?


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One thing I've noticed before is if I am having low level chest pain, eating something very spicy soothes it. My theory is that the stimulation to the esophagus acts as a counter-irritant, covering up the heart pain. Like putting Icy-Hot on your skin over sore muscles. I have done no clinical research in this area. LOL

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I too am getting the L-Citrulline. Buying it today! I already have a regimen of mix of powders in my OJ in the morning and shall add this one. Hopeful it may do something.... any even slight help is good to me! L-Arginine was the very first thing prescribed to me by a cardiac specialist and it indeed in about 2 weeks had my energy upped. I think the supplements take patience and a lot of awareness to notice. Sometimes I have wondered if I am wishing it so... but always do my own experiments and when I did not take the L-Arg... BIG difference! Back to needing a lot more sleep during the day. I always try and weed out what works and does not, there can be so many factors. Even tried timing and when my hormones are higher during the month. It is all relevant. Keeping a journal is vital to me.

I certainly do think there are many things out there to aid in our comfort and possibly reverse things or perhaps cause a better cycle of sorts. I admit to being a bit skeptical of being "fixed" by it as, this dysfunction and why we lack production is just not clear. Until we can see what is happening in real time (for MVD any way) it will be tough to pin point the whys of it and in turn the cure. Until then I will try all I can... who knows? We may stumble on the building blocks of the answer. The mere fact this is affecting most greatly my heart, yet we have microvasculature everywhere in other organs and such, is one reason some cardios discount it!!

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Tamra... I may be wrong, but I think L-Arginine is made in our cells in many places, not just in the liver, etc. I could find nothing that says L-Arginine is solely produced there. Maybe you have?

So the dysfunction it seems is in the synthesis of it not in the fact an organ does not work well but the vice versa of that thought- that the molecules colliding and being manufactured to MAKE the organ work well are not occurring. I am no expert but that is my take on what occurs in our hearts between the endothelium and the smooth muscle of our hearts. The amino acids and other important factors are consistently at work everywhere... being made everywhere. Why for me it is only my heart? I do not know. And some people who have Reynaud's (affects just extremities) also seem to lake the correct dilation of vessels for circulation. Why is it only there??? It is the million dollar question.

I would be interested in your hypothesis and would love for it to be true! If only there was something to take out or fix but it seems much more complex than that! : / Perhaps there is another connection though.... you can still hope this decreases intensity or something!!!! Perhaps there is another connection?

I really wish I had a biochemical degree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Some of us who have Prinzmetal sent blood samples to the Cincinnati Jewish Hospital Research

http://www.jewishhospitalcincinnati.com/cholesterol/Research/prinzmetals_an gina.html

They have determined which gene makes the NO. The theory is that if you have a defective gene, your body can't make enough NO. I have one defective gene and had a positive diagnosis of Prinzmetal from my cardiologist. I do know there are many defective genes in our bodies but usually the good one does all the work for any function. That is why there are 2 for everything. I would be interested in knowing how many people in the general population have one defective gene without have the spasms.
Of course, if you have 2 defective genes, then it would be a given you would have spasms.
Just interesting. Joyce

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That makes sense. So very cool how it all works and the safe guards as well. Complex and simple too in some ways. Logical. More to look into. :) You all give me some light reading people!! lol

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