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Probably a dumb question. I am just recovering from blood clots in my lungs and also suffer from asthma and congestive heart failure. I was beginning to be able to get around slowly again. But the last month, has been crappy. They are now blaming my lungs. (The doctors argue.) My question, however, is 107 out here in Phoenix right now. I decided to go over to the mailbox. Not even 1/2 mile. Probably not even 1/4. Anyway, I did that, came back and I feel terrible. Does the heat bother others with CHF (diastolic dsyfunction) and/or asthma? I've been back in the air conditioning for over 1/2 hour and I'm still pouring sweat.

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Yes!!! There is a big thread on this farther down the list.

The next time you want to walk to get your mail, why don't you wet a towel and put it around your neck to help cool you off. Or take a spray bottle of water and spritz yourself. Make sure you drink a glass of water before you go out. And try not to go to that mailbox in the heat of day; wait until the sun gets lower in the sky.

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Oh Lynne! Do you have to leave the house? You have been through a great deal and people without any serious medical problems are collapsing in this remarkable heat wave. I hope you have enough family right now to take care of your daily needs, and You don't have to leave the air-conditioned house unless it's on fire! Take care of yourself!

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I think the heat is going to be very difficult to tolerate from either the pulmonary or cardiac perspectives. It has been hot like that here (but not consistently like Arizona) and I have trouble managing it with my cardiac issues. This year I bought some cooling bandanas to help with that. I keep them in the fridge and can put one on if I'm going out when it's very hot. I also wear a hat with a wide brim.
Check out the website of the people I bought the bandanas from. It's fun and believe it or not they are in Alaska! The shipping was quite low as the bandanas can be mailed in an envelope like a letter before they are hydrated.

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I have asthma and CHF my mail box is right outside my door and I won't take the mail out until dark. It isn't noon and our temp is 94 with a heat index of 104. I haven't been out of my house in two days, it is something we just don't do any more.

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Wow Lynn...Your sound just like me...I live over by Prescott an when it get even 75 in the house my heart starts beating real fast I feel real sick an dizzy an sick to my tummy...So I know how you feel...My husband an sons are real cold an I have to have the air set at 72 to feel ok..Well take care..(((HUGS))),Wendy

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At least I'm not the only one. I live alone, so I have to do things. Of course, I don't have to get the mail in the middle of the afternoon. At 6 a.m. this morning it was already 91 outside. So, I ran a few important errands and will be in the rest of the day. My lung doctor told me I can go from air conditioning to air conditioning. But not to stay out in the sun. I even find it tough to walk out the door. I just wanted to be sure I wasn't being a wuss. I forgot about those bandanas. I used to wear them years ago when I worked in the Palo Verde warehouse. Those were the days.....worked in a warehouse with NO air in the middle of the summer and could do it. Sometimes I miss those days. It hits me harder on my birthday (June 27th) when I remember the person I used to be. And all the things I want to do with my granddaughter and the new grandchild who will be here January 22nd. Maybe just having a small pity party today.

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I have asthma and heart trouble and the high heat isn't a friend anymore. We have had a extremely hot spell....with temps over 100 every day now for I don't remember how long. I only go out if I have to...and it's usually air conditioner to air conditioner....usually early in the's not worth feeling bad for hours afterwards. I hate admitting I have limits but I am learning that I am much better off doing that instead of the recovery time it takes if i don't.

It is suppose to rain here and finally cool off her tomorrow. They are calling for the high in the 80's and the overnight low in the 60's.....can't wait! Take care and stay out of the heat if it bothers you. Jan

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Hey, we just hit a temp of 100 with a heat index of 115. All I've been doing is looking out the door. My house is nice and cool inside and I don't take the heat at all. I am on spironolactone and it doesn't allow me to adjust my temp at all.

Stay cool and stay indoors.

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I take both lasix and spironolactone and I didn't know that. Learned something new.

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