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Saw my cardiologist yesterday and he's referring me to another guy at the University of Chicago (I live in northern Indiana). While I've been thinking for awhile now that a second opinion is a good idea, it's a little disheartening to know that my cardio doc seems to think he's done all he can for me. I just want them (whoever it turns out to be) to figure out why I keep getting the chest pain and why I keep blocking up. I have an angiogram done on one vessel and 2 months later another one blocks up. I've changed my diet, I quit smoking 2+ years ago, I exercise, I'm faithful with my meds. It's very frustrating to be doing 'all the right things' and still see no changes.

Anyone know anything about the doctors at the Univ. of Chicago? Can I expect this to be like a regular office visit or will it be different? I'm hoping the 2 hour drive will be worth it and we'll get some answers. Maybe fresh eyes looking at my case will see something the local cardio docs are too close to see.

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I'm in Chicago but use Northwestern so I'm not certain of the U of C setup but when I lived in the neighborhood and used it for my daughter (standard med stuff) it was precisely the same as any other big hospital. Definitely high quality care (though I believe NW is higher rated overall in cardio but also has definite frustrations to the NW setup ... looooong times to book apts, when admitted, your own doc doesn't show up, etc). I'd expect very good care and diagnostics at U of C - they do get top notch students for their med school and do a lot of significant research.

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I have been to Northwestern and University of Chicago. I personal like Northwestern better. I had a good dr there and a bad dr and now they wont let me switch from the bad Dr. He told me I was taking up too much of his time and being a person who takes things to heart I feel like I can not face him. I saw another Dr there and he was nice and good but I almost lost my job and my Mom talked me into coming closer to home for a Dr. I also went to U of C the Dr there kept telling me my pain sounded like angina but the test were clear and wanted me off some of my angina med and would not help me figure out the cause. He also kept saying he didn't know about my first angio that resulted in bypass. He said he didn't know if it was a blockage or a spams and so I asked if he was saying I might not have needed a bypass he said oh no you had a blockage. I am in the middle of trying to find a good Dr too.
Good luck,

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Northwestern assigns all new patients to a cardiologist in a seemingly random order if you go to the Bluhm Institute. I think they factor in some specifics of your case but when you are admitted to the hospital, whichever docs of the Institute team are on are the ones who will see you etc. I find this rather unsettling and had to raise a major fuss to get reassigned to the cardiologist I wanted to see after my randomly assigned one scared me totally unnecessarily. (I wonder if she is the same one you've had an issue with Chris66!). They are getting three new cardiologists now - which I discovered when I was trying to book a followup visit with my wonderful doc and learned he has nothing available until Dec. 13!!!!! I'm going to see a new doc who trained with him for 3 years and who can see me at the end of the month since he's just getting started ... hopefully I'll like him as much since I might have a battle again on my hands to get back to my current doc if not.

That said, the care at NW is superb when in hospital - the rooms are lovely and nurses awesome. I trust them implicitly but wish they'd change the crazy rotation thing with docs - and improve the ER admitting situation which is just impossible!

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