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First time posting! I have aortic valve insufficiency for about 8 yrs now. I also have multiple sclerosis and diabetes and several other health issues. About a month ago I started experiencing heart rate spikes and blood pressure spikes, not together. I get all the symptoms that go along with both as well. Each episode may last about 5 minutes and then things settle back down. Nothing brings it on, doesn't matter if I'm at rest or doing something. My cardio said he can not treat this. I'm very frustrated and aggravated with this answer! It happens at least twice an hr. I understand why he can't treat it but angry at the same time. Has anyone else gone threw this? Should I seek a second opinion?

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Hi there, I know very little about what you are going through. My issues are more about cardiomyopathy and heart failure but I saw your post and wanted to let you know that it is SO important to be your own advocate. If something does not sit right.. please get a second opinion. I had a girlfriend who's dr told her that the lump in her breast was 'probably' benign and sent her on her way. If she had not pursued it further, because she had that gut instinct telling her too, she would not have known she had full blown breast cancer.

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Wow, I hope things worked out for her. I do say drs are not God!

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