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I was born with a myocardial bridge that wasn't discovered until I was 40 years old. I went to Phoenix, AZ heart institute and had a heart cath and it was discovered then that there was no cure. The blockage was due to the myocardial bridge where an artery grew through my heart causing it to mimmick a blockage. Now I take 200 mg of metroprolal to slow down my heart rate that before medicine would get quite racey, but I never knew anything different. The myocardial bridge before meds was causing my heart to beat so fast that a portion of my heart wasn't getting enough oxygen. I get frustrated as I try to exercise and feel out of breath, and the beta blocker has so many side effects. I hope to find others to give me advice and some hope to live with this condition and live a relatively healthy and active life.

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I would appreciate any advice from other people with similiar heart conditions, and how you endure the side effects of metroprolal or any other beta blocker.

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Please look up "Swissdots" postings. She had a myocardial bridge and it was repaired with surgery at Stanford. There is also a guy named Bill who had one, it was also repaired.

Best to you ~ Mary

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I also have a myocardial bridge and had a heart attack in 2010 after which a heart cath disclosed the bridge. I had felt short of breath and tired for weeks previously but a nuclear stress test showed no blockage. The bridge has distorted my LAD which is extremely narrowed and also corkscrewed. There is a surgery which will release the bridge, however it is not a great option for me as I will still have the problems with that artery and the smallest piece of loose placque can lodge in the narrowing. I cannot take metoprolol as it lowers my heart rate too much, but this is an excellent drug for someone with a rapid heart rate. I do take Ranexa for angina. This drug helps keep my arteries open and has been fairly successful. You might discuss Ranexa with your cardiologist.

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I also have a mycardial bridge along with Prinzmetal angina. Ranexa helps me tremendously towards managing my symptoms. I was told that the mycardial bridge I have is unoperatable so the many medications I take plus continuing to stay active has kept the wolves at bay. Best wishes, you can live a full exciting life with a bridge.

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I failed to mention that sometimes Drs. are able to stint the affected artery to lessen the squeezing from the bridge contracting with every heartbeat. This also was not an option for me nor was a bypass with the mammary artery. Each individual case may require a different management by the cardiologist. Can you discuss your options with your Dr?

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Thank you very much for the information. I have never heard of that particular drug, but I will bring it up with my cardiologist. I appreciate the information!

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The stint was not an option for me. I was prepared to have one done, but the cardiologist who did the cath said it would harm me more than help me. I guess there are many different ways your body copes with the myocardial bridge. I do wish I could have it repaired and not have to worry about taking such a high dosage of meds for the rest of my life. I hate feeling tired all the time from the metroprolal.

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I also wish I could have had a repair, but like you Dr. felt it was too dangerous to try to stint the distorted LAD and a bypass would fail almost immediately so I have to rely on the drugs. I wonder if the Dr. can reduce your dosage of metoprolol, or if another beta blocker or possibly a calcium channel blocker would be better tolerated. Both classes of drugs are used to treat this although the beta blockers are preferred. Ranexa has almost ended all the angina attacks I was having. However it is expensive but the company does have a help program in place. Your Dr. should be able to give you samples to try for a few weeks. Do talk to him or his nurse and see if this is an option. When drugs make you feel this bad, it is time to discuss other possibilities with your Dr. I am hoping you will feel better soon.

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It sounds like sound advice to try the Ranexa. I have actually never heard of it. Is it also a beta blocker or is it a calcium channel blocker? Imdur caused major migrains for me, so that medication is out. Funny too because it is prescribed for people who have migrains. I did a full stress test with the 200 mg of metroprolal and my heart tolerated the stress test well. He did talk to me about the expense of other meds, but the information you have given me will help me go into my next appointment with solutions to the problem of medication that zaps me. Thanks again for the input. It helps to know there are others who are dealing with this conditions and there are options. I can also begin to look for another cardiologist who might listen better!

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You can look up Ranexa on the internet. It is a relatively new drug and is neither a beta blocker nor a calcium channel blocker but is used in conjunction with these drugs. It works to improve circulation in the heart is my understanding. When I first was given this drug I was told the jury was still out on how successful the treatment would be, but it has worked well for me. Your Dr. was correct in that it is very expensive. Ask for samples and then see if you qualify for the Ranexa Connect program if your Dr. thinks this drug would be effective for your case.

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When my cardiologist asked me one day how I could afford all the medication I am on (he prescribed most of it) I told him honestly it takes a great deal of my disability check each month, he basically yelled me to get all the free samples I can get from his office. I really don't think many doctors have a clue to the cost of the drugs they prescribed and i also think most will try to get them to the patients who have few means to get the. As for Ranexa, I don't know how it works but it works for me.

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