I think im a basket case..

So a month ago i went into the e.r. after hurting my back. But because i felt like i could not take a deep breath in with out severe pain, i wanted to double check to make sure it was not coronary pain. Of course they did the normal tests, blood and xray and ekg. All checked out well. Not coronary but indeed back pain. Ok so at the same time discovered that my LBBB had gone missing in action. I mean completely gone.. Ile take it of course but not with out wondering where it has gone and of course why? well cardio doc wants me to go in and have a stress test with echo just to see things in action. well that test in this coming thursday morning and I am a basket case! Im a wreck thinking that i am going to pass out on that treadmil since i have not really work out hard since last november when my LBBB was discovered. I know im being silly, but i am really nervous and im having some anxiety about it. I know i have to do it, but i have in my mind that something will be found and its making me nuts. Ive had alot of pvc this past week and hopefully will be able to complete the test. Ok thanks for the vent session ladies. Like always im so glad im a part of this awesome group! :>

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Hi Dootles,

Hang in there. Just remember that reality, no matter how bad, is rarely as bad as our actual fear. If you can, try to stay in the present and don't give into any imaginings of how it might go. You will be there soon enough. And of course, this isn't gym class or a competition where you're being judged for fitness level, this is simply a test to see how your heart reacts to stimuli. It has nothing to do with your fitness level. Hang in there girl, and if you are going to envision this, try to picture yourself kicking ass instead of getting your ass kicked :-)


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Dootles~ I am one of the silent ones on here, but I DO check in daily. Please don't worry too much--you will, after all, be in a medical environment! I had one about a year ago, and did better than I thought I could do. Listen to Lisa--live in the present! But please post when you are done and let us know how it went! Lisa, I have been following your posts for quite some time--what an inspiration you are to all of us! So nice that you feel well enough (or moved enough!) to respond to Doodles' post. Courage, dear lady! Loads of love and light to both of you!!

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Hi Dootles, from time to time at look at both sites. I am at 15mths out from a cabg X5 grafs. At four weeks post op a modified stress test was ordered. Needless to say i was scared beyond thought. Everything was fine. Two months ago i had a nuclear stress test and everything was fine again. But i do realize where your mind is. Lisa couldn't have said it better . Lisa you are an inspiration yourself, after reading your posts you certainly have made a 360 degree turnaround. To all Best Wishes. Keith

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I too was a basket case before my stress test. Not only because I feared that something would happen, like my heart giving out, but also because I normally cannot get on a treadmill. I get vertigo. Dizzy, nausea, etc. I was in a state of panic. The last time I had been on a tread mill I had to get off and sit with my head down to keep it from spinning.

After all was said and done, the worst part of the stress test was that I could not wear a bra while trying to run. That kept my mind occupied while i tried to hang on and stop bouncing around. The girls needn't get to the floor and back. Who thought of this? This never occurred to me. So my worries were for naught. Hang in there...in every way! :) this too shall pass. It will be ok.

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