Heart attack symptoms

Has anyone had different symptoms other than those advertised to be alert for?
I had a sore throat the night before my heart attack in December, 2011. I took a throat lozenge for goodness sake. I went to sleep and the next morning, awoke finding it hard to breathe plus this enormous pressure on my neck - like an elephant sitting on my throat.
The paramedics diagnosed me as having a panic attack, even after questioning my family heart failings (my father, uncle and younger brother all had heart attacks). The ECG performed there was unsteady but still they left me at home. They recommended I go to a hospital to find out what was wrong as by this time I my hands were tingling and had nausea. I owe my life to the alert nurse at the reception desk at the hospital.

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Actually when I had my heart attack, I had some of the 'advertised' symptoms and some other ones that were not as common. My throat did not hurt like yours did, but my whole body ached, almost to the point to where I couldn't move. I did have the nausea like you had too. The symptoms for heart attacks for women are different than those of men, so many times the doctors don't think of it being a heart attack when it really is. I read this article by the American Heart Association after my heart attack so I would be more familiar with the symptoms. Hope the link helps! :)

http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/HeartAttack/WarningSignsofaHeartAt tack/Heart-Attack-Symptoms-in-Women_UCM_436448_Article.jsp

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I would encourage you to notify the medical director of your EMS about the refusal to transport. In some cases paramedics are overstepping their bounds refusing transport. In others the fault lies with the policies in place. The medical director needs to know about the potentially disastrous consequences of the failure to transport you to the hospital.

I'm glad you received prompt treatment at the hospital. I hope your recovery has been going smoothly.

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I had strange symptoms.. I had pains up both sides of my neck and it felt like painful glands.. I would have these pains off and on for several weeks and I became aware that my blood pressure would go way up when this was happening. My doctor blew me off. One day while getting a haircut I broke out into a sweat and I am pretty sure that this was when I actually had the heart attack. After that I would get short of breath if I did much of anything. Finally had a stress test which showed problems and damage.. ended up with a stent in my LAD which had been 99% blocked. I am one lucky person!

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I agree with Yarnkitty on that one. They had no right to not transport you to the hospital. I can't believe that happened!!When will the message get out that women have heart attacks too.

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For the year leading up to my heart attack, I had hot flashes.......6 or more a day some days. Since I am 50 years old, that is what I assumed they were. However, since my heart attack 8 weeks ago, I have not had any so now I am truly wondering if they were indeed hot flashes or something do to with my heart.

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Well when I had my HA 2yrs ago I thought I had a bad tooth...I had the worst pain where my tooth was an my blood pressure went real high...I didn't do anything about it until the following Monday when to my Dr an she did an EKG an told me that I was not leaving her office I was going to the hospital that I had a HA..Wow what a shock that was..That night I was in the cath room an had a stent on my right side blocked 99.9%...Then the following month I was back in an 2 more stents put in on the left side...But my problem now is I have MVD an the pressure gets so bad that I have to take nitro tabs...sometime I take as much as 5 a day..

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I only had a spasmodic chest pain and no other symptoms except my blood pressure had become very high. I was transported by the Paramedics but at the hospital they did not think it could be a heart attack since a stress test one week previous had been normal. I was however, kept overnight for monitoring thankfully and when my cardiac enzymes came back elevated, I was then treated as a heart attack patient. Not all heart attacks are in hearts with blockage in their arteries. Some are spasm or in my case, probably a small placque that finally moved through my very narrowed artery. Also their is truly something called Broken Heart Syndrome-Takutsubo.

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My heart attack symptoms were like what you hear about. Severe crushing chest pain, pallor, sweating, vomiting. I had pain in my chest radiating to both armpits and tingling in my neck and hands. Despite all this, the paramedic started talking about anxiety and hyperventilation. Fortunately I was transported to the hospital. I was in the cath lab 23 minutes after arrival in the ER.

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Gday Pumpa, I see your from Oz...what state did this happen in?

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Hi all, WOW! So many different symptoms and so many close calls. We are all the lucky ones hey Jandyross.
I did actually complain about the paramedics to the authorities and had a home visit from the paramedics team leader. I wanted him to use my case as an example for training purposes, but he seemed reluctant to agree with me regarding their lack of diagnosis. I had the feeling that he thought I was going to sue. even though I explained to him that it was not my intention to do so.
Dallasbaby you sound like you are doing it tough. At least there are all of us here to support you.
Monny, apart from being in a state of complete shock, I am currently living in Victoria.
Thanks for your thoughts.

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Awwww thankspumpa...that was so sweet...yes I'm having a rough time but thanks to all of you..your there to help us out when we need a friend....(((HUGS))), Wendy

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Hi Pumps,

I am in Victoria too. West Gippsland. When I had my MI the ambos treated me as a panic attack. No ECG no BP check. They did take me to A&E but made me walk to the ambulance and just gave me penthrane for the pain. At that stage I didn't know the correct protocol. I do now!

Are you in country Vic or Melb?

All the best.


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