Does anyone know more about a PFO

I am 41 and 4 months ago I had a mini stroke, caused by a PFO. I ended up with open heart surgery because the whole/flap in my heart was size of my thumb. It has been a crazy recovery, but now I am feeling somewhat pain free, my chest cracks, fainting spells, and remarkable memory loss. I am seeking medical attention but they look at me like I am making this up, does anyone have residual effects likes this after surgery?

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Hi, I sure feel for you. My young daughter had first open heart surgery for Marfan's valve replacement. Then she had a stroke. Then they found a PFO. She had to wait about 6 weeks for them to schedule surgery. She now doesn't have a lot of the symptoms that she had before all of this, BUT she has also a lot of memory loss and stroke related residuals.

There is panic also and a lot of emotional highs and lows that she has gone through. This is not good, but it is common after even just Open heart surgery, which my husband had 2 open hearts for Marfan's valve replacements also suffers from the panic and anxiety , so I know pretty close hand.

You need to find a doctor that will take you seriously and help you get over the trauma of the events you went through. There are more things than the physical in surgery and especially I think in heart surgeries. Your situation sounds very common to me. Good luck.

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Hi and thanks for your information. Last week I actually ended back in the hospital for passing out 3x and the past 3 weeks...dizzy light headed, afterwards I would be confused, bruised, just plain not all there! They kept me in for 4 days, Im home and notice allot of the same symptoms. They have me scheduled for a tilt table test and an eeg which will hopefully help me out for answers. The only thing I know in the hospital was my extremely low blood pressure, not sure which is top/bottom but mine ran ranging from 40/70 to 59/80.....they said that could be allot to do with it..just scares me with my past medical surgery.
Thanks again for letting me vent, sure does help! :) Have a great day!

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