Began Therapy for Stress

I had my first therapy today (to learn to deal with stress and un-supportive husband). It was amazing. Lasted 3 hours. She is holistic understanding physical. emotional, and spiritual all needs to be treated.

I prayed about finding a therapist and feel I have the perfect person, understanding, non judgmental, ready to help me prepare myself to break out of what she called "a prison."

She will help me prepare to handle the future. She is leaning on me "getting out" as part of the solution she is open to him getting turning to God, getting therapy and making changes too. Either way I need to get stronger to deal.

She feels I have been on the right track, in that I already hit bottom and recognizing major change is needed but if I try to go alone in this poor physical shape I might die from the stress before I can get better.

I have lots of homework learning of who I am in Christ (loved, forgiven) and dealing with spiritual warfare. Learning to give over problems to God and watching him work. Focus on strengthening myself and allowing that strength to radiate to the rest of my family.

I just have to share this video: I was looking up “how to prepare for first therapy session” and found this video by Dr Suzanne LaCombe.

The Crisis Mode/ Freeze Mode illustration was very helpful for me to explain what I am hoping to get from the therapy.

My main problem always is being in crisis, (bad marriage) feeling overwhelmed, anxious, aggravated, frustrated, feeling misunderstood .

Down deep I feel guilty (leading to worthless) for having an anger problem, for not being able to cope. (PTSD?)

Add to this no estrogen, angina, SOB, and low thyroid = big time overload.

Some quotes from Suzanne’s site.
“our emotions and sensations appear first in the body, and only then are noticed by the conscious mind.”…
With practice you ultimately become aware of how you experience emotions in your body, and in turn, how they affect your thoughts. More importantly, with repeated attention your nervous system will "learn" to quiet down and regulate itself, even in the face of stress and change in your life.
… Want to change the way you respond to stress?
Change the procedural response to stress and find yourself feeling calmer

Next therapy is Monday and once a week after. It was also encouraging she said 12 to 16 weeks would be enough I can handle things on my own.

Thanks for listening.
(3 heart surgeries, angina, SOB, MVD)

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Good for you:-) I am glad you are getting help for yourself:-) I know with my counseling I have learned I expect myself to be very perfect a lifestyle I would never expect from anyone else but myself, but I hold myself to that severely to the point of I am my own worst enemy:-( She threatens to throw pillows at me every session when I answer things with I know for others I would say this but for me....:-P

She always asks how I think our sessions are going and I admit we have uncovered I am have very high expectations for myself only and I admit that but then I tell her I think I was raised that way because I don't feel I should ever focus on myself because that would be wrong when there are so many other people out there so much more worse off than me and I think I was raised that way so it is my inner core. But she tells me just admitting and talking about it is a step in the right direction:-)

We can learn to handle the stress in our lives together:-) We can share what we have learned with each other:-) She showed me a book about water crystals that a photographer has proven that water molecules react positively to uplifting talk and encouraging talk and will form the most beautiful snowflakes but when negative talk is done to the same water molecules they look harsh and ugly and segmented and that proves that if water molecules react that way to words just think how our bodies react to criticisim and hard words. My homework this week was to think of good things about myself since I became sick...which I have a very hard thing to think that is my homework...what is yours:-)

Live in Christ,


BTW my pyschologists is from a group called Life Song...which was how I knew God meant for me to go there like the Casting Crowns song:-)

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So glad to hear you've found a therapist who is right for you - and mega cheers for getting that arranged and moving ahead. I know my therapist has been an immense help as I learn to live this new life.

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I'm glad to hear you have found a therapist you feel can be helpful to you. You have a lot of work in front of you but it sounds like you will be getting some good support.

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Look at you! you sound stronger already....Keep me posted on the friends site.

Thinking of you,


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Thank you for sharing that. It was inspiring and I could relate to a lot of what you were saying. It sounds like you are on the correct path and I lke the direction she is taking you. We all tend to hide our emotions or try to cover them up when in fact exploring them and turning our stresses over to God is not only a better course but freeing as well. God Bless You:)

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Finding the right therapist that is the right "fit" is half the battle! Good for you! I think you sound so much better already...stronger with a bit more confidence because you have a plan. All of us are rooting for you. :-)

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