Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

I have a friend that was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer; has anybody identified any promising new treatments for this disease?

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Dear Charlene,
Did you ever hear anything about new treatments? I was diagnosed with stage for non small cell carcinoma on June 25, 2008 and am terrified. The doctors move at a snails pace and I still no nothing about threatment.
Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Try the Lung Cancer Alliance group. There is lots of activity there.

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Thank you!

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Hi Charlene
I was diagnosed stage 4 NSCLC Dec.07. Largest tumor in left lung measured 11cm X ? after 4 chemo treatments of carbo/taxol/avastin my scan showed no new growth. Oncologist decided to go for all 6 treatments. The next scan showed 11cm tumor shrunk to little miracles do happen. I don't think we were expecting any shrinkage at all but ....Faith, Hope, Courage and Love do wonders. Not all meds work the same for everyone...but there are so many mixes out there that something is bound to work and I hear of new meds all the time. I heard something in trial stage about celebrex which is good for me since I have to take it for rheumatoid arthritis anyhoo. I hope it helps a bit even though it's not the same dosage they are using in the trial. whoa sorry for rambling...but, yeah much good info at LCA as Stephanie mentioned.
Take Care and tell your friend to Stay Strong!

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