New feature - See what you've replied to

Hello everyone. We just added a feature that many of you have requested - a list of all of the posts that you have replied to. To get to your list, all you need to do is:

1. Sign in
2. Click "Me" in the top left corner
3. Then click "Replies" in the big blue bar

The posts in the list are sorted by the date of the most recent reply. So whenever there is a new reply for a discussion or journal entry that you've replied to previously, it will jump to the top of your list. You can think of this page as a list of all of the conversations in which you are participating. Whenever something new is said in one of those conversations, it will jump to the top of the list so that you know there's something new to read.

Some of you have asked about being able to see this list for other members. We're going to add that soon, but we'll be adding it with a privacy setting so that those who don't wish to share this information don't have to.

Next week we're going to add e-mail notifications when someone replies to one of your replies, which will make it even easier to keep tabs on the conversations that you are participating in.

Thanks for all of the great suggestions and feedback!


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