What tests should be done after cancer is discovered?

I am sceduled to go for Proton Beam Therapy in a couple months. I was diagnosed after having 3D Mapping Biopsy with 60% cancerous prostate and gleason of 6 and PSA of 7.

Should I go for Endorectal Coil MRI, bone scan, and CAT Scan to see if it has spread before I go through treatment? My thinking is if it has spread, then I wouldn't go through the Proton Beam treatment. Is it normal to do these tests after cancer is found to see how far it has gone? My doctors have not mentioned doing any further testing, other than to schedule surgery.



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The best indicator of cancer spreading is a PAP test, a simple blood test. If you were considering surgery than an MRIS of a color doppler would be a good idea to spot any extracapsula extensions or a tumor in a difficult place for surgery to eliminate, such as around the nerves or in the apex. Since you are getting radiation the radiation whould take care of these instantances very well.

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