materials for prostate cancer support groups

if anyone can refer me to any orginization with materials on this subject i would appreciate...we have just started or group in southern maryland,,,thank you,,

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4 replies. Join the discussion offers a brochure that does a good job summarizing options for men suffering PCa.

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Sorry, it's

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You need to look no further than the top of the Inspire page which lists Us TOO International. Us TOO is the primary and largest prostate education and support organization in the U.S. and overseas with approximately 320 chapters. The webpage is On the website, you can find links to a very large amount of literature that is for individuals and support groups and can be downloaded for free or ordered in hard copies from Us TOO.

The closest Us TOO support group to you is in Clinton, MD. Here is the information on the location, meeting time, person to contact, etc.

Clinton Us TOO South Maryland Chapter
Colony South Hotel
Rt. 5 & Surrats Road
2nd Tuesday 6:30 - 8:30
William Gibson 301-843-6124

You can probably contact them and vist a meeting to get ideas on groups. By the calendar, it appears that they may have a meeting tonight (Dec. 13). You may also want to consider starting a chapter/support group affiliated with Us TOO. Here is the link for initial information on starting a new chapter.

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found in England. They have fact sheets 5 to 10 pages on a wide varity of subjects. Most would be too long for a mass print out, but for a lending library they are good. Also Terry Herbert of YANA ( you are not alone ) has written " A
STRANGE PLACE " Once more too long for a mass print out, but a good read. It helped to calm me down and inform me after my diagnoses. Terry is based in Australia, and built the YANA site there.

a list of possible links is a great hand out, and lets people personalize their search as well as making them proactive. Be sure to
add some links like Johns Hopkins Hospital. One link will often lead to another. Make sure your group knows some basic computer
skills. Be warned, the internet is a HUGE mass of information and can become overwhelming.

best of luck, your doing a very good thing.
stay well

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