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New FDA committee talks patient engagement challenges and opportunities

Chronic-Inspire's journal



The FDA's Patient Engagement Advisory Committee held their first meeting last week. By Radha_Inspire Digital Editor, Inspire Early and consistent patient involvement along the spectrum of the clinical trials process – especially during the initial design stage – was the common refrain heard during last week’s inaugural public meeting of the FDA’s Patient Engagement Advisory Committee ... Read More


Prostate Cancer

Need Recommendation for Urologist at Mayo

In: Screening and early detection




My recent PSA numbers have been climbing over the past year. My last test showed a PSA of 5.4. I am waiting for the results of a 4K Score test but am looking ahead to traveling to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for a parametric 3T MRI. I don't know any urologists at Mayo. Can someone recommend a good urologist at Mayo Clinic's Rochester, MN clinic? Thanks ... Read More

Fighting words: How we talk about cancer

Cancer-Inspire's journal



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By Radha_Inspire Digital Editor, Inspire News reports and public well-wishes for Senator John McCain, who was recently diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive type of brain cancer, have struck a linguistic nerve among cancer patients and caregivers with their descriptions of the senator as a “fighter,” engaged in “battle,” ready to “win” against cancer. The heightened awareness ... Read More

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Massage after cancer diagnosis but before treatment

In: Treatment options




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Hello. I haven't been able to find any information related to prostate massage as far as if it could be helpful of not after being diagnosed with cancer. I have read it's very healthy to do before getting cancer. I am Gleason 3+4 , PSA 6.3 - two tumors (From a 3T-MRI guided biopsy). Both are in non-scientific terms "towards the front". I'm doing FLA in a couple of weeks but in the ... Read More

Prostate Cancer

Lupron holiday starts today

In: Managing side effects




Yesterday was a day of poking and scanning but now ready to take a Lupron holiday. Doctor agrees that it is best. Over two years on Lupron and the SE's are going to keep worsening my health probably more than the Cancer. Doctor picked a return of PSA at 5 for the maximum time off. I am anxious to see how I will fell in about 3-6 months getting some T back and hopefully all that was ... Read More

Prostate Cancer

Does Lupron’s effectiveness diminish before 90 days in the 3 month shot

In: Managing side effects




My husband Is on a 90 day shot of Lupron plus aberaterone acetate plus prednisone. About 10 days before his next Lupron shot his PSA went from 1.6 to 6.2 and his BP which was usually 130/65 went up as high as 203/88. He was put on a BP medication that didn’t seem to do much and another medication has been ordered. But, since his latest shot of Lupron yesterday, the BP seems to be coming ... Read More


Prostate Cancer

Psa rise during active surveillance

In: Active surveillance




Diagnosed 3 yrs ago with Gleason 3+3 - 6 and only one core at 20%. Psa was 4.3. Since then I have had 2 more biopsies - 2nd one showed same results as first and psa was 4.5. Third biopsy showed same except one additional core at 5% also a Gleason 6 but on the other side and psa was still at 4.5. Now 6 months later started having trouble with frequent urinaton, feeling of no emptying ... Read More

Announcing a new feature: Health Profiles

Brian's journal



Dear members, I’m writing to let you know about a new feature for the Inspire community that I hope will improve your experience here. Soon you will begin seeing a pink bar at the bottom of each page that expands into a question. For example, you might see: “Do you care for a sick, elderly, or disabled family member or loved one?” These questions help create your Health Profile, which ... Read More

Focal treatment options for 50-yr old with localized Gleason 4+3, Oklahoma

okie_moonshine's journal



Would like to hear from some of the "younger" folks regarding treatment options. My urologist is Kelly Stratton at Stephenson Cancer Center Oklahoma University Health Science Center, OKC. Elevated PSA 11-12 led to 3T mpMRI and subsequent 15 core fusion biopsy. MRI showed no obvious lesions, just "ill-defined dark signal throughout the peripheral zone" basically a slight difference ... Read More

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