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Us TOO Prostate Cancer

Are you one of the guys who masturbate?

In: Managing side effects




Most of us have a partner and sex was a thing that we always did together. Now after a prostatectomy sex will never be the same again. It's not over just different. Even if previously you never used to 'pleasure yourself' it is important that you should start now! Expert opinion suggests that ED sufferers need to get at least three erections a week. Previously any male had 7 or 8 spontaneous ... Read More

What not to say to a cancer patient

Cancer-Inspire's journal



  • 350 Replies )
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By Radha_Inspire Digital Editor, Inspire A Personal Health column at the New York Times today discussed what to say and, crucially, what not to say, to cancer patients based on a book called Loving, Supporting and Caring for the Cancer Patient by Dr. Stan Goldberg, a prostate cancer patient and communications specialist at San Francisco State University. Any type of discussion about ... Read More


Us TOO Prostate Cancer

Focal Laser Ablation coverage by Carrier

In: Treatment options




Annual open enrollment season is fast approaching. So, information regarding insurance carriers is timely. I would like to limit this thread to just FLA and specifically ASK YOU TO SHARE ANY SUCCESS that you have had in receiving payment for FLA. BACKGROUND My understanding: 1) traditional Medicare for over age 65 and certain others who qualify: Medicare will typically turn down the ... Read More

Incontinence: Pelvic Floor Strengthening / Kegel Instructions Available

newneo's journal



Hi As most of us have done from their Bladder/Prostate related surgery, all records are put away. Amongst my lengthy medical file, are instructions to increase pelvic floor muscles in preparation of a Radical Cystectomy - Prostatectomy and/or with neo bladder diversion. When I mentioned this in one reply of a discussion, I had about 20 requests from others for these instructions in ... Read More

Us TOO Prostate Cancer

Medicare and Approved Treatments

In: Treatment options




Since most of the folks that have Prostate Cancer, or any Cancer for that matter, cannot afford treatment outside of what Medicare approves. So, that means most of us who are over 65. I have seen the myriad of treatments that have been expressed on these forums. Some people have actually been able to afford thousands of dollars to obtain these treatments, which still amazes me. But ... Read More

Us TOO Prostate Cancer

PSA Testing for Men age 70 and Older - Should it be stopped?

In: Advocacy




I thought it would be appropriate to share this advocacy notice I just received from Malecare, regarding PSA testing in men older than age 70. I am of a mixed mind on this, but thought it is important for our group to think about. CMS' Center for Medicare issued what is known as a Medicare Advantage Call letter. In the letter, the CMS signals to Medicare Advantage Plans that they will ... Read More

Us TOO Prostate Cancer

Advice on second biopsy

In: Active surveillance




I just had my first MRI in Portland, OR (the Tesla) as part of a clinical trial, and according to the radiologist at OHSU nothing showed up. My biopsy in November showed two cores positive, 11 percent, of Gleason 3+3. PSA around 5. I'm doing AS at UW Seattle, and haven't discussed second biopsy yet but I assume they will want to do one? Still waiting on results on Oncotype test. I ... Read More


Us TOO Prostate Cancer

Need help with medical cannabis. Tucson area

In: Clinical trials




HELP! Moved to Tucson from Wisconson to keep treating my cancer with cannabis oil, which has been working. My card is 'approved' but having trouble getting it through the mail due to bureaucratic blunders. In the mean time am waiting without the cannabis oil which has been slowing down the growth of my cancer Anyone in the Tucson area with a med card willing to meet me at one of the ... Read More

Us TOO Prostate Cancer

Did you have FLA treatment for prostate cancer?

In: Treatment options




Hello, I don't have prostate cancer, I do have BPH. I have been searching for alternatives to the normal BPH surgeries such as TURP, HOLEP etc. I've looked into urolift and PAE which do not fit my prostate size which is rather large. I stumbled on to the FLA procedure used for prostate cancer. There does not seem to be a lot of information regarding FLA for BPH. One site mentioned ... Read More

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