urine sample from a 1 year old

We are in the process of getting a diagnosis for our 1 year old son. They want us to take him for blood work and a urinalysis. The blood work is no big deal, but how do you get a urine sample from a baby in diapers? We were given a list of tests, how much urine we needed for each and urine collection bags and bottles. One of the test requires a first morning urine sample. I tried to wake him this morning and put the bag in his diaper, but they constantly fall off or the urine leaks out into the diaper. I don't know how the heck this is going to work. Has anyone had the urine collected any other way?

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I did it with my son one time when he was 18 months old... It's complicated. after 3 daya of trying, I did provide a small amount of urine and it was enough for testing. Keep trying!! Good luck!

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I have to check my lil girls ketons twice a day. I put cotton in her diaper, when diaper is full I then squeeze the urine out of the cotton to the stick. Maybe this might work for you too!

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the hospital gave us this collecting kit that we had to tape to her and then put the diaper on, but I don't know how that would work with a boy...it was hard to get off her skin.

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Gross...but def sounds effective.....I might just try this. Thanks!

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Hi there, the hospital gave us also a collecting kit too and tape it also on the skin. It worked well for our son. They said it was easier for a boy to collect it this way because you can tape around, if you know what i mean. Good luck with it!

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