Infantile spasms without hypsarrhythmias.

My son started having spasms at 4.5 months of age. He was put on Sabril shortly thereafter and was seizure free for 3.5 weeks and then the spasms showed up again but they were milder, but lasted up to 15 minutes. We have since been uppping his dose per our Neuros suggestion. My son has had 3 EEG's done, two before the meds and one after and none of them showed the hypsarrhythmia. How many of you have kids that have had the spasms and have had fairly normal EEG's? From what I understand the hypsarrhythmia is the main contributing factor to the learning disabilities. I'm wondering if anyone has an older child who had similar symptoms and how they are doing now cognitively, and if they developed any learning disabilities from the spasms.

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Audrey has only had two "bouts" so to speak of infantile spasms before they were stopped each time with meds...and only an EEG after the first time. The first time from my understanding there was no hypsarrhythmia, but they said that it couldve just been because it hadn't been long enough of her having them. They started her on phenobarbital because they said if it WAS infantile spasms, the phenobarbital would do nothing but if it wasnt it would stop them. The phenobarbital actually stopped hers for several days (of course, she was on a loading dose)....but then the MRI came back showing tubers in her brain and she got the TSC diagnosis, and she was evaluated by a developmental specialist who said she was delayed (this was at 4 months) they said she actually was having infantile spasms, they just werent picking up the hypsarrhythmia for some reason. She is developmentally delayed, mainly with speech but she is doing a million times better than anyone ever said she would and is in most ways a very typical 2 year old besides being nonverbal. but, her EEG was not normal at all....just didnt show that brain wave pattern on her EEG's... And i have video online of her is pretty classic, undeniable IS.

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Our daughter had IS but did not show hypsarrhythmia - ever.

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My daughters spasms were pretty much diagnosed by the doctor looking at them. No hypsarrhythmia but her EEG wasn't normal either. The Dr. said that her EEG wasn't awful though. It is better to have spasms without hypsarrhythmia I was told.

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My daughter didn't show any either on the eeg.
.she is delayed because of the infantile spasms mainly because it took so long for the diagnosis...

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We also have not developed hysparrythmia. Caleb's EEGs are not normal. We most definitely had/have (he does some strange pauses now, but not like they were pre-vigabatrin) IS. Very text book kinda startled arms up and legs back and then relaxing for about 30 seconds and then he would be scared/upset. ANYWAY - that all started at 3.5 months and we got our diagnoses. We've had 5000 EEGs it seems. He has "mild abnormalities" over one pretty focal area that they usually label "irritation". He has some sharp waves but no total unorganization which is what the hypsarrthmias look like I believe?
I just know that it's a good thing that we don't have those... but I haven't gotten great explainations as to why or why not... if thinsg really change for him drastically if they appear? I'm not sure...

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