Indiana Public Health Insurance "What You don't Know Can Cost You"

About Special Kids (ASK) is the place for families and professionals in Indiana to go to “ASK” questions about children with special needs and to access information and resources about a variety of topics such as health insurance, special education, community resources and medical homes. ASK is the connection to family support in the state of Indiana and we are committed to helping families access the resources and support they need to ensure the success of their children.

One opportunity that we provide to both families and professionals are trainings to inform and educate them, and to serve as a system of support and reference. We strive to provide each parent and professional with a positive training experience that will provide them with the tools necessary to navigate through the Special Education and Health Insurance systems.

On April 26th, we have a training, Public Health Insurance: What You Don’t Know Can Cost You, scheduled in Lafayette.

This training provides parents and professionals with information about public health insurance programs that can be accessed by families caring for children with special needs. It includes information on Medicaid (Part A, B, C, D & E), Medicaid Disability, Medicaid Waivers, Children’s Special Healthcare Services, Hoosier Healthwise and SSI (Supplemental Security Income).

We need your help. I have attached a copy of the training flyer and would appreciate it if you could make this available to the families in your district that may be interested in this training - as well as any staff in your district that may benefit from this training.

Thank you for your help,
Cindy Robinson
Training and Information Coordinator
About Special Kids
7275 Shadeland Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46250
P 317.288.6317
P 800.964.4746
F 317.251.7488

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