I have been listening. To you.

I set up an appointment yesterday well actually day before yesterday. I thought I was dialing the number for Baylor in Dallas. When I actually talked to nurse @ University of Southwestern Texas Medical Center in Dallas. They are associated with Zale Lipshy University Hospital. I have had dealing in the past with transplants. She is setting up high contrast cat scan PFT and Dr visit and consultation for transplant all in one day. That will make it a much easier drive and experience.
The appointment is not until end of Sept. She gave me a lenghty list of things
i need to bring, I will need to then to get all. But I want to have everything!!! I want to thank you all that are leading me in the CORRECT way to get help and answers. After talking to "Joy" I am feeling a peace about me. God Bless you all so that we may be here for the cure. BJ

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