My husband is day #10 after bone marrow transplant and we are about 150 miles from home for the next 90 days at least. Anybody gone through something similar? Any suggestions for caregivers?

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Hi There

I have not gone thru bone marrow transplant but a liver transplant where I was the caregiver.

My advice for you is straight up.. If people offer help take it. People will say Call Me if you need a hand.. Call them.. Its natural for your friends and family to stay away, they dont want to interfere.. If you need help ask for it... I didnt and I nearly ended up having a stroke myself. Its very stressful being a carer.
I did email everybody what was going on it was easier than phone calls.. Just remember who cares for the carer, please if you need help, and I am sure that you do, ASK...... Be kind to yourself

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