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I had thyroid cancer along with a large tumor back in 2002. I had everything removed and had radioactive iodine twice. I"ve noticed that even though I'm only 43, I am starting menopause. I had my hormones checked by my doctor and he said I'm not. I disagree. Hot flashes, irregular periods, etc. I was looking into getting amberen which is supposed to help level hormones and help with menopause. Anyone know if that will affect how my thyroid medication works - (Armour)?

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Hi, I am 46 years old. I have been dealing with Hashimoto thyroid disease for 24 years. My female hormones stay out of wack. Especially a week before and during my period. Every time I feel like I'm Starting in to menapuase especially as I age. But it is just my thyroid throwing everything out of order. My test always come back normal and the doctor says the thyroi medicine should keep me normal. After 24 years living with thyroid disease and taking 100 mgs of levothyroid nothing is normal. Do you have some good days and bad days. I do. Hope this helps.

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My days have been fine with the Armour Thyroid, which is all natural, but with this menopause kicking in (I'm 43), I'm completely nuts. Now I have PMS 3 weeks out of the month, bloated most of it and losing my mind. I'm ordering the Amberen and I will let you know how it goes. Hopefully, it will do something. I'm also someone who can lose weight pretty easily, but not this last year. Its getting worse and worse. Will keep you posted;

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Funny - I just started a thread about this in the Thyca forum. I had a partial thyroidectomy 6 months ago due to cancer but for probably the last year and a half I have had hyperthyroid symptoms. My TSH runs high at 4-5 but I feel better at that then I did when it was 1-2 and I had horrible hypo symptoms. My docs do not want to medicate me because they do not want to worsen my hyper symptoms. BUT over the weekend I read an article about perimenopause and I saw the symptoms were similar. I am 35, do not have contact with my mother so I do not know when she started menopause. Glad I am not alone!

P.S. - in the biopsy after my surgery I was diagnosed with chronic thyroiditis. I am not now, nor have I ever been, on any medication.

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I think its odd that you have hyper symptoms when you have only a portion of your thyroid left and are not on meds. How is that possible? What does your doctor say? I just started the amberen about 5 days ago and so far, no more hot flashes and my PMS symptoms which were horrendous are much better. Hopefully, it doesn't affect my thyroid med absorption. We will have to see. I had thyroid cancer, cancerous lymph nodes, and a huge cancerous tumor. After my surgery, I first started have trouble with heat or cold. That progressed to now, 10 years later, when my menopause is kicking in. Who knows what can be going on!

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If your families are complete......... be grateful!! I am 56 and went through menopause (I thought about 5 or 6 years ago). I was extremely hyper before TT in Oct. For the past 4 or 5 months (since my levels have been in range for the first time in many years) I have started ovulating again. I had my uterus removed, so of course I do not have periods, but my endo. confirmed that I am indeed ovulating again. He said that I probably never went through a true menopause but things stopped when my levels were so out of whack. Not such a big deal with no periods, except for the PMS moodiness which is really bad. I've heard several people mention Amberon. Should I give it a try? I am not happy!

jadeaic - I believe the FSH test is not totally reliable. You know your body.

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