A new petition bringing together all thryoid groups and notice boards

Hello, everybody, I have hypothyroidism I have had some success using nutri thyroid and nutri thyroid adrenal, however I have other autoimmune diseases.

In my spare time I work quite hard to bring about change - ie choice for us all. This new group/website has a great petition circulating the world: The petition needs signatures, however they are quite rightly suppporting other petitions: http://www.thyroidchange.org/

Also this one: is also circulating the world and needs people to register: http://www.worldthyroidregister.com/

AND please if you are in the UK or have friends there, these two need vital support: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/19000

and this one started in support of whistleblowing, so hard for patients or medical staff to complain free of bullying or loss of career or jobs:


Any support or ideas for pushing these further would be brilliant, great site this by the way.

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