fainting post-TT

I am wondering if others in this wonderful community have had issues with light-headedness and fainting post-TT. I have noticed that I'm far more lightheaded during blood draws than I used to be, and last night I actually fainted on my way back to bed from the bathroom. I am trying to figure out whether to be worried about having fainted, or whether it is yet another symptom of being without a thyroid gland. I see my endo tomorrow afternoon (by coincidence), but thought I'd check here as well.


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no, i have not experienced this. although, my eating habits have had to change tremendously or I crash, hardcore.

definitely bring it up to your endo (of course you will :))

it sounds concerning to me.

hope this fainting does not last long or worsen.

feel better :))

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I had one scary instance following TT when I felt like I was going to faint. It was brought on by high-intensity exercise and at the time I was super-suppressed (TSH of 0.02). Between my inability to regulate my body temperature and the exercise bringing up my heart rate too quickly, I was in bad shape for a good 15 minutes. I never did pass out but I was close. Yours doesn't sound like it was exercise related though. Definitely mention it to your endo, but maybe ask for bloodwork if you haven't had any recently.

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I have not experienced this. Do talk with your doctor about it. If he/she doesn't give you a satisfactory answer, get an appointment to see your PCP.

Sorry you are having this new challenge.

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I have this happen when my heart messes up. I think having our TSH suppressed can cause palpitations. Make sure you are not having heart problems...


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Thanks everyone! I neglected to mention that I put my back out on Sunday, and was in a lot of pain when I fainted. I saw my endo today -- but, more importantly, I saw my chiropractor yesterday and he got my back back into alignment. No more dizziness!

I'm going to pay close attention and see my PCP if there are any more fainting spells, but for now I'm going to chalk this up to a combination of 3:00 AM disorientation combined with major pain and leave it at that.....

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My 13 year old daughter had a TT in January and has fainted 3 times already. The doctors think she is just pushing herself too much. She did have low potassium, but it has been fine the last 2 times she had bloodwork. I do see an improvement since I started insisting she take it easy (which makes her so frustrated). She started the LID on Tuesday and hasn't had her meds since the 6th, so she is not fighting me too much on taking a nap :)....I hope you are feeling better!

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