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I scheduled my radiation treatment today and my endo advised me that they will make me hypo before the treatment. She said she does not reccomend excercise during that time period? I am diabetic and obese. I am currently trying to loose weight and I have been successful with diet and excercise. Has anyone still excercised during their hypo period. If so, how did you feel?

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I have not been super hypo, as you will be before treatment. From what I hear, you will probably not even want to exercise, because of the heavy fatigue and brain fog that comes with being very hypo. If you feel like walking, though, I think I would continue that if you can, because it will help you feel better to get out and it is good to keep moving. Just my thoughts....I have a dog and he needs to get walked several times a day, so even if I were hypo (as I was in Dec. and Jan.) I need to take care of him by walking him. My guess is your doctor doesn't want you using the workout equipment or doing strenuous exercise, since your judgment can be "off" when you are hypo.

Wishing you well in this step of your journey.

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I have always exercised while going hypo. Granted, it's not what I normally do, but it makes me feel "more normal" if I can keep doing my routine. Best Wishes to you!!

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I have not heard that it isn't good to exercise while hypo, but you probably won't have the energy to do nearly as much as you are used to. When I was hypo, I found that I felt a lot better on the days I was able to make myself go for a walk - but honestly I could not exercise to a normal level; I just didn't have the energy. Listen to your body and it should be fine.

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I exercised through the period of going hypo. I exercise normally, so I continued the same schedule (5-6 days a week). I wasn't as strong, but I pushed myself as far as I could. It was the one thing that would always make me feel close to "normal".

Good luck!

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I think I'm just goin to attempt my normal workouts and see how I feel. Thank you for the feedback. :-)

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My doctor said it was ok to exercise...just "don't run 5 miles" (which I wouldn't/couldn't do anyhow).

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