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This post is just to explain how 24 hours can change my thinking. I've been miffed at people I know who tell me "at least you have the good cancer". After all I've gone through, I would explain that no, it's not true, then would tell the process of surgeries, LID, RAI, pet scans, WBS, multiple blood tests, etc. Yesterday I hear that my cousin has 3 glioblastomas in her brain, inoperable. She is having seizures, can't talk, can't walk, has already had 2 surgeries in 1 week just to relieve pressure on the brain. I am blessed not to have brain cancer. I thank God that I have what I have and not a worse thyroid cancer. I guess what I am saying, is be greatful for your blessings. You won't hear me whining quite as much as I have in the past.

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Very sad that your cousin is undergoing such adversity. Your example of a changed perspective is one we all might need to consider from time to time. When we feel piled upon and start to wonder if things will ever start to get better, we may have to muster something extra, and make an honest comparison of our hoped for outcome and that of others.

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There must be a mood sweeping the country. I just posted almost the same thing last night scussion/changing-profile-pic/

Report post it a full moon??? I have had the same "awakening". My cousin, while pregnant, was discovered to have an advanced stage of breast cancer. She had the baby early via c-section (she also has a 2 year old) and went into treatment and is fighting for her life (in treatment now).

So while no cancer is good, I am grateful that Thyca is the cross I was given to bear at the moment. It could be much much worse and since I'm feeling well, I can live in and enjoy the moment and spend less time in self pity and the "why me's". I may have Thyca but it doesn't have me!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Every so often, I get mad at my thyroid cancer not because of the cancer itself, but because it took away my right recurrent laryngeal nerve and with it, my professional singing career (for now anyway). But I try to remind myself that I can still talk, still sing (not too badly), and my kids don't seem to notice a difference and we still have a wonderful bedtime routine reading a book and singing a song together.

Every so often, I get mad at my thyroid cancer not because of the cancer itself, but because it took away my energy and I find it so hard to take care of my kids and play with them sometimes. But I try to remind myself that my kids simply want to spend time with me and we don't have to be outside running and jumping around to do that (we are a very outdoor family). So I've tried to change my focus on idoor activities like helping them build train tracks, working on arts and crafts, and dancing in the living room together.

Every so often, I get mad at my thyroid cancer not because of the cancer itself, but because I am so scared about my upcoming RAI and wondering how I am going to isolate myself from my children. But I try to remind myself that I am so lucky to have a wonderful husband and wonder parents and in-laws who will be here to take care of the children and keep them occupied so they don't miss me. It's just for a little while and I'll be back with them soon.

I feel incredibly lucky that we have the "good cancer" (sorry) with a good prognosis rate, but it's frustrating sometimes to see how much it has affected my quality of life in some ways...

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We have cancer with a good prognosis of living. For some, its not a good cancer to live with. I pray for those effected with a life threatening cancer. I am not glad to have this disease, but I am very glad to be alive.

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To Life! I am truly blessed in many ways, and am very grateful, especially for all of you :) Thank you for coming into my life

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grammadah, I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. I am praying for her - that she will recover. And you are in my prayers, too.

Some days with this cancer are intense, but none quite as intense as these raging, brutally aggressive cancers. I attended the funeral of a former student who lived and fought childhood brain cancer for 11 years. How awful to see children suffering. We fight a very long battle. Mine with this particular disease is now over 3 years and counting but the good part is that "counting" part. There are times when I don't know why I have had so much physical and emotional suffering in my life, but right now I am still grateful that I am alive.

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Amen, Grammadah! Everyone has their trials. Sorry about your cousin. My cousin, too, was diagnosed with colon cancer during my treatment. He lost his entire colon and is starting chemo after being hospitalized for infections and blood clots. Jeez! Spent his forty-something birthday in the hospital. Just counting my blessings every day. Probably a good way to live whether you have cancer or not! Thanks for reminding us! xo

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