Following: A new Inspire feature

Hello everyone,

I'm writing to let you know about a new Inspire feature that we launched last night, designed to help you keep track of conversations you're interested in. We call it "following" and here's how it works.

First, whenever you reply to a post, you'll see a checkbox under the area where you type your reply that says "Follow replies." It's checked by default. Keep that checkbox checked and you'll receive an e-mail notification whenever there are new replies to the post. Previously, you only heard about new replies if you were the author of the original post, or someone replied directly to you. Now you'll receive a notification of any new replies. We added this because we heard from many of you that you often have new replies in posts but don't receive notifications about them, because they weren't made directly to you. Not to mention that if you're participating in a conversation, you're probably interested to hear what everyone else has to say. Here's what that checkbox looks like:

If you're worried about getting too much e-mail, we did do some things to keep the amount of e-mail you receive from us reasonable. Specifically, we've starting combining notifications of replies to posts into fewer e-mails. Instead of sending you an e-mail for every reply, we now e-mail you only on the half hour, telling you about all new replies in that period, in a single e-mail. This cuts down on the amount of e-mail you receive from us, but gives you all of the same information.

The follow feature also lets you sign up for notifications of replies to posts you are not participating in. To follow a post in this way, just click the "Follow replies" link in the toolbar displayed at the bottom of every post. You'll receive notifications no different than if you were participating in the conversation. Here's what that link looks like:

We've also added a page where you can review and manage the list of posts you're following, here.

And of course, you can manage your message preferences here.

We hope this feature is a help and makes using Inspire much easier. Feel free to let us know in the replies if you have feedback or questions.



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