who can eat white corn without problems

can you eat yellow corn too
is there anyone who can't eat yellow but can eat white corn

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Most corn (especially in America) is genetically modified these days - so unless I can get certified organic I never eat it.

And I can only get certified organic yellow corn locally anyway.

I have heard of some people having P flares from corn; but I have no idea what colour it was.

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I didn't eat much corn when I developed psoriasis and I don't think it caused any flaring. Now that I am on the Paleo diet I don't touch it at all because it is too starchy.

As a kid my German grandmother used to complain that I didn't eat enough veggies. I would retort "but Grandma, I'm eating corn!". She would reply "bah! pig's feed!!". (..when said in German it's much more humorous "))


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