True Cost of Health Care

A doctor has put up a web site exposing fraudulent medical costs billed to insurance companies. This is for your information.

A class action is being pursued against Blue Shield for excessive costs billed from hospitals. If you paid cash the costs would cut drastically. the hospitals and insurance companies pass the high costs to you. It's time to learn, stop complaining and fight back.

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Lots of info to digest! A long time ago I went to the pharmacy to pick up a med. I paid my $15 co-pay, then noticed that the amount on the paper was like $5.82. I ask why I had to pay $15 and I was told that that was my lowest co-pay via my insurance. I handed it back and said I did not want to go through my insurance so my $15 was re-funded and I got it for $5.82. I have told many about this, but I don't think they believe me.

I now have no insurance... Try asking dr.'s office the price of a visit or procedure! It is like pulling teeth to get an amount!

Thanks for the link!

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I know of a similar situation for another person. She has insurance but joined a program with Walgreens Pharmacy that cost $20.00 a year. this saved a lot of money each year with the pharmacy discount and not having to use the insurance company plan.

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True Cost of Health Care these days = Sickening.

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mes78613 - yeah, it's nuts how if you ask in advance how much something will be, forget it! i had to have a biopsy last summer. i just didn't want to get sticker shock, just wanted to know! nope, no one could tell me what the billing would be. the insurance company said the hospital doing it had to tell me the amount -- but not by law, because new york state doesn't require them to tell you.

i hate how they treat it like a consumer issue sometimes - like, oh, people keep asking for really expensive and unnecessary tests, and that drives up the cost of health care!

nonsense, i didn't decide it would be fun to have a biopsy!

So like a good consumer i asked in advance. i do not buy shoes without knowing how much they cost.

then other times it's like a religion, and they're the priests or rabbis and you have to do what they say without question.


Also i paid for my own insurance then and somehow every bill was marked as coming from the "self-pay" unit like i didn't have insurance, wtf. And i think the bills were much higher.

my biopsy was negative. it took about 10 minutes. i was billed over $1,000 on top of the copay.

Still mad about this. And mad for all the people who don't have insurance or have worse problems.

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you guys i hate to say this. but, i know. i know about all of this, the too high for god to pay hospital bills for something that you could have done with a supplement from cvs or walmart. anybody remember back in the 80"s, hearing the stories about the 15.00 tylenol and how crazy humana used to be? back then humana was the only game in town in louisville kentucky. i used to always find out how much procedures cost. what ever hospital i worked at over the years i would call central supply all of the time to ask how much chest tubes were, how much do central lines cost, and if you actually have to call a doctor in for interventional radiology to insert a picc line.... which only took 5 minutes but the charge was $1000.00. i remember calling the pharmacist to ask how much tpn was (like feeding through an iv) the daily charge was 1500 dollars and some patients were on it 3-4 weeks at a time. the pancreatitis patients almost automatically had to have tpn, bowel resections, hiv patients. any digestive problems that made eating by mouth next to impossible. i recall iv antibiotics that were new to the market being 500 to 1000 dollars just to hang it up. and i must confess that when ever we saw self pay on the chart we did assume that the person was unemployed, but you would see the same info on a chart coming from the emergency room for gunshot wounds. because it was obvious to us that if you had a job you wouldn't have been available to get shot in the first place. but no, you're to busy dodging bullets and having everyone else pay your tab. i did some digging one day and found out that for the first few hours that this person was in the hospital, 30,000 dollars had already been incurred and he hadn't even gotten to the operating room yet! ambulance runs were 300 dollars a pop so you better be sick enough to really have to have one come to get you. when the home health rage started that's when everything went haywire. a lot of people think that it would cost less to have their loved ones at home. the only thing that they dodged was the daily room cost at the hospital. i worked home health for a few months and bought a brand new car with cash, so you tell me. i had an intravenous infusion of iron because my hemoglobin was 6.9, dangerous i know. when the bill came my husband yelled so loud i fell off my chair. 700.00 dollars. did you have surgery or something what the hell is this for? this will never happen again because i'm going to stuff collard greens, baked chicken and flinstone vitamins down you throat from now on. i knew how much it was before it happened. i would get in tight with the discharge planners because they are the holy grail if you want to know how much anyhing cost. wow! and the sad part is that this situation WILL NEVER CHANGE! it's a business. government regulations do not get recognized because they are only useeful if something goes terribly wrong. there is almost no recourse for the critically ill that get denied you will have to sue and pray that you live long enough to win your case, and you better go public or you are just a voice in the crowd. i'm not on a soap box or anything, i'm not on a rant, i'm not bitter, and no one has done anything to me to make me feel slighted. i saw this happen everyday. the only people that seem to be adversely affected are the middle class that "have some but not quite enough" if you know what i mean.... and tommorrow is another day.

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In ten years the cost for my 3rd hip joint replacement has tripled. While a friend had the same procedure months apart hers was 1/3 less than mine. Same dr. Same hospital. The only difference I was 9 years younger on private ins, hers medacaid medacare.
Things that make ya go m-mm-mm !!!

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We here in Massachusetts are fortunate to have "RomneyCare," which was the only great thing that our then Governor Romney did, along with a coalition of supportive Democrats. Almost all of our residents now have health coverage and the overwhelming majority of us highly support "RomneyCare." By all measures, "RomneyCare" has been a tremendous success.

Healthcare in Massachusetts has always been among the most expensive in the nation because all of our bigger hospitals, and many of our smaller ones are teaching hospitals (we have many medical schools here). In addition, real estate and the cost of living are very high in Massachusetts.

But the cost increases have definitely slowed down, and the state government is actively working to put in new measures to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

If "ObamaCare" were not such a political football, and we could just get out of its way, I am convinced that it too would be a great success. After all, it is patterned directly on the successful program that Romney ushered into existence in Massachusetts!

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Good to hear that that the cost of health care has slowed down in Mas. I have relatives in Mas. Everything there is so incredibly high. From groceries, labor to car insurance. Your right, about the cost of living there. To attract good teaching drs & teaching hospitals the costs can be staggering. I have been fortunate enough to have an aunt who has benefited greatly from RomneyCare. She resides in Plymouth, Mas.
She mentioned that Senator Kennedy wrote the bill on it, which passed the legislature a few years ago.
Something is so wrong with health care in this country.ObamaCare is so much like it from what I read. We pay to much as it is for health insurance. Cost increases here is off the charts in some casses. For instance one UVB NB treatment for soles & palms for 5 minutes is $327. People with P with no insurance have no option for UVB treatments. In my case even with insurance purchasing a hand held UVB unit is still economical. It takes many trips to the dr and many weeks for the UVB therapy to put P in remission. It's cheaper in the long run to purchase one by a dr. script & insurance pays a % of that cost.
It's a balancing act for everyone one way or another.

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Stange considering I was billed $30k for my heart attack but they accepted $10k as payment in full from the insurance company. I could be wrong but I suspect had I not had insurance I would have had to have paid the full $30k to settle the bill.

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Insurance companies have contracts with many medical providers. Terms for payment are predetermined. What they bill and what is settled is usually different. I'm not that well versed in this area but do believe it's on percentages as well as fixed predetermined prices for different medical facilities. The one problem this creates for us is the co pay can be much larger than it should be due to inflated cost. Example of billing cost difference as follows. A local hospital billed insurance over $750.00 for a frontal view chest x-ray. A local radiology center charged $48.00 for the same x-ray. What's wrong with that picture?

The insurance did not pay the full amount to the hospital but did pay a large sum for that x-ray. The patient responsibility payment only became bigger. No one at the hospital or insurance company will explain why sitting in a chair in the emergency room costs an average of $4,000 with no treatment, movie or popcorn.

If you have to use a private ambulance service expect a bill in the range of about $1250.00 That was about a one mile ride.

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