Toronto Psoraitic Arthritis clinic

Has anyone travelled to Canada to go to the clinic that specializes in PsA? My doctor and I are out of ideas for me (drug wise) so I was considering looking into it. Any and all insight will be appreciated.

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I have had PA and P for 40 years and I have never known about that place. I looked it up and read all about it. I think EVERYONE should go there! I wish I could! Good luck to you - you should definately go there. Please tell us all about it after.

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What is the name of this clinic? I am Canadian and live about an hour from Toronto and would love to hear more about it.

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wow, it's been around since 1978. more info -

surprised it's the first time i'm hearing of it. That's cool they dedicated a clinic just for it.

One of the meds they use -

Tegison; an anti-inflammatory drug called Meclomen

anybody else try this one ? first time i'm hearing of this med as well.

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There is a Lupus & Psoriatic Clinic in the Toronto Western Hospital doing much treatment and research on the topics. I have been part of their study group for several years, to my benefit!

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