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It's been mentioned that a thread with HELP information might be apppropriate, utilizing the brain cells of this community, sharing your experiences in finding help.

I work at the Veteran's Administration and will provide any help I can to a vet, or if you know a vet in our situation, you can pass it along.

National VA website:

Toll free numbers for VA services:

If there are any members here that are Vets and need help, please respond and I will look up numbers for VA's closest to you.

If anyone has HELP numbers for people without insurance, or can provide any info on getting medical attention through a govt or state entity, please provide.

Besides trying to provide emotional support, things that have worked for us, etc..this is a good opportunity to share what we know, yo? There's been lots of threads lately dealing with the lack of let's hit it.

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Thank you. I'll watch this thread.

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Here are a few places to look in to, Great job Willymon

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wow willtmon, you truly have impressed me again, just keeping spreading the love. you rock.

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Ok, so I don't have a whole lot of help to offer but my husband did send me this link the other day that might be helpful to some here. It's an easy way to search for clinical trials. 1=NA%3AUS%3AMA

I didn't think I would be interested in this (and I don't think I would for actual medications) but I found a clinical trial for managing pain online. Sounds kind of strange, I know, but it doesn't involve any medication, it basically just involves communicating online. I figure this is a low-harm clinical trial, and I am definitely interested in trying to find alternative ways to manage my pain since it's become completely unmanageable (untolerable) lately.

From a selfish perspective, what I'm looking for from others here is anything that specifically targets psoriatic arthritis. I'm finding that there's a lot out there about psoriasis and for psoriasis patients, but I think most of us would agree there are a lot of unique elements to having psoriatic arthritis vs. psoriasis. Maybe the types of things I'm looking for don't really exist, but if anyone knows of any sites/groups/etc. that are focused on PA, please let me know.

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I also wanted to again thank willymon for creating this positive thread. To be honest, I was about to quit this site because of what I see as an overwhelming amount of negativity, but the truth is I need it more than ever. It's the only place I know of to find support from (mostly) people who know what I'm going through. So, thank you for going in this positive direction!

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Way to hang in there EESullivan..

It's kind of ironic that you mention PA, because that is what has been kicking my butt recently. My appointment is next week so I haven't been officially diagnosed yet. Seems like through the years we kind of get the hints ya right hip would hurt after long walks, but just occasionally. Now my left shoulder is barely useful. If I extend outside my body..just the weight of my arm alone sends shivers down my sucks..and I have been neglectful in getting this looked at sooner.

I also have moderate nerve damage in my lower legs, which leads to the tingling in my feet..neuropathy. Geez...after writing this I realize...we are a friggin mess aren't we?

I'm with you EE..I personally can handle anything psoriasis wants to throw my way..but the PA is a different matter, and one I'm looking forward to fighting. (bastards)

Hey..thanks everybody for getting this rolling in the right direction. We are all on the same boat (Titanic..hehe) in one way or another..and it's nice to have this sit down in a positive way.

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i dont know if its negativity as much as ee sullivan says--i think its more of being disgusted with the disease of psoriasis and that there is no cure for it just managing it by derms--sometimes being down about it makes one negative and feeling there is no real help. just thought i would reply. lets all hang in there.

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Willymon it is great seeing you!

The UVB lights finally quit working on me, seems all it does is burn me.
I heard someone talking about a Cure? IF 17 something?

Just lost my gallbladder 3 weeks ago and I broke out like a demon within me. 4 differant times. Hurts to walk, my hands hurt. I have small spots in differant places everything itches. I HATE PPP

Hope you are feeling better.

Blessings to all, Sunny

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