Stelara after failure on Humira

I am on my 4th biologic. :( 1st was Remicaid-amazing drug, had a reaction though. Then Enbrel-wonderful for the PA, nothing for the P.
I did MTX and Humira last year and had amazing results. Then, there was a national shortage of injectable MTX and I flared out of control with both P and PA.
When I got back onto MTX, it was useless. My derm put me on Stelara and my Rheum put me on oral MTX to avoid the drama.
So, I have had my second shot last week and haven't seen anything yet. Actually, the P on my foot is getting a bit worse.
Any words of wisdom as to how long I am going to have to wait to see some results?

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I just received my 4th injection of Stelara. I got P as a side effect from Humira.
I was put on Humira to treat Pyoderma. Initially, I saw very good results from the Stelara as I was covered in spots. My scalp and feet (plantar pustulosis) being the worst part.
Plantar P. is really, really hard to clear up. I rotate between using clobetasol cream for a few days and then cordran tape. I would suggest using the cream at night just before bed as it will absorb into your skin. (I keep it next to my bed and do this last so I’m so walking on the carpets w/ cream on my feet) Applying the cream in the morning has presented problems as it becomes absorbed into my socks and not so much my skin. I go through stages where the skin on my feet become really dry and I get deep cracks; very painful. For this I rub the bottoms of my feet generously with Aquaphor ointment and then wrap them in saran wrap, and put socks on. The socks help the saran wrap to stay in place. The Stelara has really helped with my P and hope I can say the same for my Pyoderma, as I’ve been fighting that for a few years now.
I sure do hope you can take something from here to help you and wish you all the best.

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Hi Storm
I've been on Stelara for approx. 2 years now, with great results and no side effects.
It was with my third shot that I noticed how well the drug was working. I had moderate to severe P over 70% of my body and by the forth to fifth month I was 98% clear and that is where I am holding at. I have the odd small patch that seems to be stuborn, so I use a topical on it ( Dovobet ) and it clears it up.
I sincerely hope Stelara works well for you, it has been a miracle drug for me.
I wish you the very best.

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Hi John,

So happy that you have had such success with Stelara, this give me some hope!
I don't have nearly as many patches as I did a few months ago but am still super itchy, and continue to battle w/ my feet. Wishing you the very best.

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WE are on the same page. My list zillions of topicals. I finally gave in after a post surgical flare (guttate flare level 12). Started with cyclosporine then then started on humira when i was done with my burst of cyclosporine. did well for about 1.5yrs. started on stalera never worked. Now I am going to start on Remicade. After that. Going to a rat lab lol

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Stelara did the trick for me>>>cheers!


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Best of luck to you. Stellara helped P but not PsA. Am out of medicine options because I went through the 4 choices the doc states exists. Hoping to get into a PsA trial in future. We stopped Stellara for now. Debating whether or not to go back to derm for Stellara since Rhuem does not see value. He said at this point Rheu only trying to help with pain control and steroids. Ugggh Not sure how many of us are out there who are now out of options unless they invent something new. I remember in 2008 the feeling that Embrel was a miracle....too bad stops working :-(

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Thank you all so much for the replies.

My sister swears the P on my forehead (creeping down from my scalp) is lighter and less "angry" looking. Of course, I don't think so. But I have noticed that I don't have large scales anywhere...just dandruff-esque flakes from all my plaques. that's something, I guess :)

I know I am impatient, but I really want some clearing already. When I was on Remicaid, I had only a few spots on my torso and a covered scalp. So I got a 100% clearing. The PA was horrendous and that's what we were really concerned about. I ended up having numbness and tingling in both my legs after the third infusion, so that got nixed. After about 6 months I flaired into the P coverage I have now. Everywhere!

Enbrel and Humira only eased the skin pain and flaking, never really cleared it up. Both were great for the PA, though. Humira did give me the hint of skin clearing until the great MTX shortage happened. discouraging!!

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I have had 2 shots and nearly clear, i found this drug amazing. 3rd shot in 4 weeks and i cant wait. I was covered in p in all areas and can now wear anything i wish - roll on summer! I do hope it works well for you, good luck!!

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Hi Stormchaser, any update on your progress with Stelara?

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