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I was pleasantly surprised to find this site so thanks in advanced to the community.

Ok so for a bit of background story for basically all of my younger life I had terrible dandruff (ill leave out my long stories about doctors) and I always thought it was just dandruff which was really hard to get rid of and then it slowly started to turn into skin (not thick skin) that i could literally peel off and it was like this for about 2 years.

Then it started to go into scales (some fairly thick) which Ive now had as long as I can remember. it has never been red strangely and seems just like thick dry skin.

A few years back I also started getting psoriasis on my body which I solved although im having another small outbreak now. I got it in thick red patches with thick layers of dry scales etc as you usually get (but still never on my scalp) and this literally covered my whole back at one point in patches and the backs of my arms with the occasional small patches on my stomach. I was prescribed really strong steroid creams eventually as it got to the point Id wake up with small specks of blood on the back of my shirt. This got rid of it but left horrible pigmentation which is basically gone now.

Sorry that was a bit long - now my current situation is that ive had little red bumps on my upper arms for years now which arent psoriasis but are left from where the psoriasis was and looks almost like a rash sometimes (thats what I let my last girlfriend think it was anyway because I couldnt be bothered to explain haha). I think they are where the hairs in my arms come out.

I also have little red/scaly patches again on my back and my scalp has never cleared up really although I could be using the things ive been prescribed more often to be fair. They do get rid of it but not for long and I have to use it every day.

Ive just been reading about champori stuff,, and wanted to know if people thought this was good please? Does it keep it gone for a while?

Ive also always wanted a tattoo on my upper forearm of greens/blues/purples and although ive never had psoriasis on this part of my body ive always been too worried about getting one here. Do you guys think this would be fine? Ive never gotten psoriasis from broken skin before but since its on my forearm it will be on show a fair bit and I dont want it ruined with psoriasis.

Id really like to hear some opinions on the above points. Sorry if this has all been discussed before but as every psoriasis case is different I thought Id outline mine.


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It didn't work at all for me..

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I've never tried the champori stuff so I can't help you there. However I have gotten tattoos. I had 3 tattoos before I was diagnosed with psoriasis and I got one really big one on my thigh after I was diagnosed. I say if you've never broke out from problems with broken skin you should be okay. Just be prepared that you could have a psoriasis breakout. If you don't get a break out from the tattoo if you have a flare up later it could flare up on your tattoo but it shouldn't ruin it. You just have to decide if the tattoo is worth it. It will look nice when you aren't in a flare up. There are a lot of people on here that have tattoos. Some say don't do it some say it is worth it. I say it is worth it. I love my tattoos and even when they have psoriasis on them I love them. I am one of those people that get tattoos for me not for others so I don't really care what others think of them when they have psoriasis on them.

When I was wondering if I would ever be able to get tattoos again after I was diagnosed I was worried. I knew I wanted some other tattoos and thought I would never be able to get them. After doing some research I decided to get it done and I have been happy ever since. It still isn't done because I am waiting for the psoriasis to clear up on to get it colored in. Just to let you know you can't get a tattoo done on skin that is already broken out with psoriasis, your skin has to be clear on the spot you want it.

Sorry I kind of rambled on but I hope it has helped. If you have any other questions just let me know. I'm willing to answer any other questions you might have.

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If you're worried about whether your P will flare up at the tattoo site, you can ask your tattoo artist to do a test spot with no ink somewhere on your body. I was worried about getting a tattoo because I usually develop psoriasis on spots where I have scrapes. Anyway, I got a tattoo and haven't had any problems.

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I ordered the campori stuff for my nail psoriasis. It seemed like it helped for a few days or a week, then it wasn't working anymore. I still use it once in a while but do not notice any improvement.

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my son has one small tatoo on his upper arm and it is now half covered with psoriasis -- and has been for a long time.

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I use Champori and its been the greatest thing for me. Nothing has helped me clear so fast and so much. Even my thickest spots that would make me cry because i thought they'd never go away are clearing up so well!! The reason people say it stopped working is probably because they used it too much which with any product, it loses its effectiveness after an extensive use. they obviously didnt follow the directions.

anyway, as far as tattoos, i have them and never broke out on those spots so i say do it! especially since you've never had any break outs right there, go for it. just make sure you keep it moisturized!

i made a video about champori because i know alot of people dont believe it or think its a scam because you know what? i thought the same sh*t, but after 2 years i figured i had nothing to lose so i ordered it and its been AMAZING!

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I won't do tattoos but I have been using the champori and have found it really reduces the itching and the flaking. Kinda red but the skin looks healthy!

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