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** Originally posted by mellie10 **

So i'm 17, and a girl. I was diagnosed about a year ago, and its mostly just covering my legs now. However I still go out and swim and such, but what hits me hardest is when people ask questions. People ask whether i have a rash, or bug bites, or just what the hell it is. Ugh. Its still too knew for me to just bust out with a full explanation, and i have been basically sabotaging every relationship since because im too insecure to get to the point where thats a discussion.

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** Originally posted by 2trees **

tell them its psoriasis a non contagious rash that anyone can get at anytime! hang in there it will get easier.

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** Originally posted by Loctorak **

Any long-term sufferer knows that that's one of the worst questions you can get asked. Not because it's bad, but because of the way it's phrased (often a disgusted recoil tone in my case).

I usually say what was said above - It's a non-contagious skin condition that itches. No matter how good your explanation some people are going to accept it and others will distance themselves because they can't deal with the difference.

I don't mean to tell you what to do because I'd hate it if it went wrong for you, but I sometimes feel things work better relationship wise if the person knows about it sooner rather than later. Clears the entire tension thing out of the way and sorts the grain from the weed, so to speak. There's nothing worse than losing a friend because they can't handle your skin (I've had it happen).

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** Originally posted by kathryn1989 **

I said to someone I was going to have a relationship that I had a skin condition that was like bad eczema. He probably had no idea of skin conditions so it was just easier to say that.

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** Originally posted by odogsonofgod **

Lots more people know about psoriasis (god bless them commercials) but i always said "psoriasis? never heard of it? how about eczema?" If they hadn't heard of eczema I would tell them it was really catchy and to run away, fast. But I'm a jerk. Seriously though the eczema thing is easier for most people. But good luck being comfortable with it at 17. I hid in the basement for years until I went on a steady diet of sunshine. Vitamin D supplement, a & d ointment every night, and a daily tanning package. I cured 90% of my psoriasis that way. Diligence is what finally made mine tolerable. And clobatozol (sp?) has done the rest.....

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