Nopalea By Trivita?

I recognize this has probably been asked before, but I don't see a search option on the new boards.
There's an infomercial airing for a drink called Nopalea, a natural cure for inflammation that's made from cacti. I'm obviously skeptical about anything sold through an infomercial, but looking online I couldn't see any clear confirmation that it's a scam.
Has anyone tried it? Any reviews from someone with experience with the drink?

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do a search on top right of this page next to "find it" and learn all that has been said about it

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I think it tastes nasty and it messed with my stomach. to put it nicely, you need to stay near a bathroom. It did give me some energy, but I could not take it.

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I did purchase it......thought I'd never be one of "those people".....
Only taken 2 days, so I'll post if I see any difference in joints and p.
Btw, I like the tast of it. I don't like the price though....

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