Need help hiding my leopard spots!!!

Hi, guys! I have finally 100% (for now)recovered from a flare up. I am now covered in white spots. My family is going to the beach in August and I need help/tips for covering the hypopigmentation. Has anyone tried a spray tan? If so...from the store or from a salon? Please help..any advise needed!

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i have the white spots also and i notice they fade more and more each time im in the sun

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A self tanner works great. I use Banana Boat all the time.

Good Luck

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Hey! I have really bad white spots, too! The sun will turn them back to normal skin color, but it will also make your already tanned skin darker. If your spots are flat and not flaky or scaly, a spray tan is possible. I like the lotions better. Before I had my flare up, I used Banana Boat Self-Tanning Lotion, Deep Dark Color. It worked really well! But when I tired with "scales" it clumped up on them and made them look almost bloody.

Good luck!

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how'd you recover from your flare ?

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read info on google search

srpay tans chemiclas R BAD for Ps and ends up looking bad
Professional tanning salon will not accept Ps patients

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I have the opposite problem... when my psoriasis clears I am left with dark spots where the P used to be. They take 6 months to a year to fade completely, and lightening creams dont really work on them. Someone suggested lemon juice so I think I'll give that a try hahaa

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