List 3 things you hate most about Ps PsA

As the title says.

1) Itching, the more i scratch the better it feels.

2) Ruined clothes, either from ointments or blood.

3) Flakes

Also, what is the weirdest remedy you have heard people use for Ps?

I once read that the Chinese used Human Urine.
Now that is one desperate sufferer there.

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1. The pain of water

2. Not being able to wear shoes nor leave the house

3. Having to wear socks and gloves 24/7 in the heat of Texas due to having to keep them covered in Vaseline 24/7

A lady insisted that she knew someone that had a "rash" like mine (she never saw mine...) and they soaked their feet everyday in fresh cow poop for 3 weeks and it cleared it right up! I am just not that brave to try it :)

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1. Having to cover it up in the head
2. Having people stare
3. And the weird places the psoriasis comes out on my body..

Some lady told me to get a rag in a bucket with warm water and kinda like scrub the patch dry a little bit and but salt...and leave it on like a lotion...sad to say I tried it and it burned and irritated my skin and made me bleed so never again have I done a home remedie

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I don't have Ps, only PsA. I hate that doing the most mundane things hurts so much - like 1. Lifting a cup of tea 2. Driving (neck pain and stiffness) and 3. Putting my feet on the ground first thing in the morning!

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(a) Desperate inability to make others understand my suffering.
(b) Every other person commenting about my issue and suggesting some remedy.
(c) in My area, sheer disinterest of doctors in the disease and lusty about collecting their fees asap.

Believe me, I had lot trouble to put issues in top 3, there are so many I want to write and I also agree to other members views written above and respect the suffuring.

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1. Fear of knowing that there is no cure for PS.
2. Fear of experiencing a flair up and not being able to control it.
3. Frustration of searching through the so called " treatments" and the expenses of trying them.

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1. Having a nice shower and having my skin feel like it is on fire!

2. The itching! Being at home is one thing but when you are out in public and get itchy it awful!

3. The P.A is deforming my hand. I can't open jars most of the time and holding anything at times is so painful.

4. When people react to the P on my arms. One cashier must have thought I was contagious and carefully dropped my change in my hand and the look on her face...kind of funny but sad too!

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1) feeling like I have an alien clinging to me all the time that I can't peel off.
2) the mystery of itching, scratching, bleeding and the burning of my skin. I miss what clear skin feels like.
3) the feeling of loathing my body and never being able to enjoy nice clothes, swimming, wearing a dress, etc.
4) the fear of related metobolic disorders associated with P. (ok, that's 4, but it's a big one I couldn't skip).

The list goes on and on.

I also have had people not take money from me, if they do that I throw it on the counter for them and say "you can't catch Psoriasis, thanks for making me feel even worse than I already do. Much appreciated".

I also had a woman grab my hand once and say "my daughter had this once, you have to pee on it, and it has to be your own pee".

Er, gee, i never thought of that... Good idea! :-0~~

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1. Not being able to sleep because of the itch
2. waking up with blood all over my pillow - or somewhere else
3. Ice cold showers because hot ones hurt and make me itch more
4. Being smeared head to toe with enough greasy 'stuff' to slide out of whatever I'm wearing

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#1 I wish I did not have P's
#2 its embarrassing when people stare
#3 I hate it when people make comments

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1) Total lack of control. I mean, I thought I knew my body and we were cool. Now it betrays me for reasons not entirely clear to me.

2) With severe PPP you feel both disabled and gross.

3) Fear of the future. Will there always be a treatment, conventional or alternative, that will both work for me and will I be able to afford it?

Okay, now I am depressed.


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1.)The intense burning and itching.
2.) The cost of ointments and then they stop working and then trying more.
3.) Trying to shave legs and stopping all the blood ..(what a mistake)

After years and years of the personal battle, I have started MTX
.the jury is still out, but it is helping.. hopefully my sore throbbing hands.. a gift with purchase"..grrrr...
So grateful for finding this forum and what a great fun read thru this discussion! Thank you all for posting.I truly pain thru humor!

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How Psoriasis is spelt!
Other peoples ignorance.
Feeling like a snow dome.

I have tried cow udder cream that was weird as I had to buy it from a vet.

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Sounds like I could have written that post. Except I also have the P. But it is on my scalp, where I itch insanely - try being a nurse and having to scratch your head all damn day while talking to patients - who probably wonder if I ever shower or if I have lice! LOL

So my top 3 things are
For the Psoriasis
1 - always scratching my head like I have lice
2 - having my clothing stick to the inverse P all along my abdomen and groin so that when I undress I pull it off and bleed
3 - always worrying that my P will travel outside my hairline where my patients might see it

For the PsA
1 - not being able to move even the slightest little movement without pain (you never know how much you move until it hurts to do it)
2 - my giant veggie garden has been reduced because I cannot keep up. Now my elderly neighbors don't get as much free fresh veggies.
3 - I gave in years ago and lost my ability to be active - so now the fight to get it back.

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here is my 3 or more things I hate when it cmes to having the P's

1. Not knowin how or what made me have it
2. ppl looking at me like I'm a walking disease
3. not able to wear shorts outside the house
4.when it the patches hurts and then they itch
5. nobody in my family frm my mom or dad side has it
6. cant walk my arms at my side cuz I dnt want ppl to see it
7. when i bleed like a wart hog when I shave my knees
8. Cant wear cute sleeve less shirts when i go out to the club ALWAYS have to wear a jacket in the club if i wear a sleeve less or a short sleeve shirt.

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My Ps is under pretty good control thanks to my meds. It is really just on my scalp at the moment and a couple small (quarter-sized) patches on my arms and feet so all I can say about the Ps is I hate when it is on my feet because then I can't even take the pain of walking.

For the PsA I hate:

1. Taking medications whose side effects might one day kill me
2. The constant pain no matter what position you try it is never comfortable for long.
3. Never feeling like I'm good enough because there is so much I used to do that I can't do now.
4. Not being able to work anymore - I know that is one extra but it is a biggie.

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1. It's summer and I'm covered from head to toe. I'm hot, embarrassed, and exhausted from fighting.
2. Doctor's who just prescribe and prescribe, but are too bored to warn you of side effects.
3. Feeling so so alone, and expected to go on.

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1. To take medicines in the hope that it helps at the same time conscious that it is not a cure.
2. Helplessnes due to PsA but when others think it all fake.
3. Fear of future well being.

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1. Dermatologists
2. Ear P – People only ask to use my cell phone one time.
3. Wish there was a cure not just treatments

The worst advice was to use olive oil on the groin P and wrap it with plastic wrap…

Love the question and answers.

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1. I get very down about the things I can't do anymore because my hands and fingers are FUBAR.
2. The pain of getting through each day.
3. Rheumatologists who say come back in 10 weeks in March, then send you out to the desk where they tell you the first available appointment is in December. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

However I know that I am one of the lucky ones because unlike so many of you guys I have no plaques on my skin. I pray that a cure wlll be found for you all very soon.
Someone asked me once had I considered spraying my joints with WD40, he was not kidding D'0h

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Listening to all of you makes me feel better! Just knowing that others have the same of worse is somehow a comfort. Had a friends girlfriend ask what it was and why not put lotion on it! LOL As if that gets rid of it...funny! We have a hot tub and instead of the clorine in it my husband put in bromide...(not sure of spelling) and it felt sooooo good to get in hot water and by the time I got out you should have seen the water....full of flakes! LOL But it did not hurt at all to sit there in the water and I was not as itchy after I got out!

1. Hate the dry skin I get out of and around my ears!
2 The way the cashier very carefully drops my change so she does not have to touch me!
3. Doctors that dont believe you when you have a very bad reaction to a drug! Like I like vomiting and loosing my hair!!

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