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Is it safe to say that Psoriasis is a life threatening disease? It's progessive and causes 1000's of other illnesses either by the drugs we need or infection or the destruction it causes. People don't die from AIDS but from the illnesses or drugs it causes. Poriasis is not listed as a life threatening disease. Why I don't know when it's the number one autoimune disorder in America. I almost died from MRSA infection when I was on Humira. If you have this godforsakin disease like I do then you know how I feel. I have a friend with MS that,s in a wheel chair that's much happier than me and say's she could not deal with what I have to go threw.

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life threatening disease ? maybe not .
But according to some research in canada, person who have psoriasis lost ten years of his or her life.

well technically psoriasis is not a disease but a disorder of immune system.
(its one way to say no cure)

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umm Living is a life threatening disease. Getting older is pretty bad also.

Actually what that tells me is to keep taking my Enbrel and to exercise, sleep enough and try to eat a healthy diet. I'm doing OK on the first one...

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Lots of us, including me, have Ps and it is a curse, but there is no way
I will die because of Plaques on my legs.!!

Also where did U get the idea that it causes 1000 "other" diseases !!.
In the 10 or more years since I was diagnosed w/ Ps, I have not been
sick, not even a cold.

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I don't think psoriasis is a life threatening disease unless you have it very severely and your immune system is compromised and it leads to other conditions from that.It depends on your severity and whatever else is wrong with your health and what you are using or taking to combat it as a lot of drugs have serious side effects which can lead to complications. I have had Psoriasis for nearly 30 years and other than plaques on my skin I am healthy and like Julia rarely even get a cold.

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I read the article. The title of your discussion should read "Untreated Psoriasis is a Life Threat." It's just further evidence of the co-morbidities and evidence that you will likely live longer if you take a biologic for psoriasis than if you don't.

A vegan diet probably wouldn't hurt either, but I like my steak.

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At one time, Psoriasis was known as "the healthy man's disease"..

I think there have been studies done that show people with Psoriasis are predisposed to certain conditions (cancer, heart disease, etc), and I think I even read something somewhere that stated people with Psoriasis have a lower than average life expentancy (5 years less, if memory serves). Also of relevance on the topic; people with psoriasis tend to be overweight, drink and smoke (which obviously effects things such as cancer, heart disease and life expectancy). And, who knows if twenty years from now people will start dropping dead as a long-term side-effect from biologics (and other up-and-coming drugs/treatments).

With all that being said, I don't think an arguement can even be made that Psoriasis is "life threatening" (unless you have some severe form that enables infection).. Psoriasis, without a doubt, affects quality of life, but most likely is not going to kill you....

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You said,

"And, who knows if twenty years from now people will start dropping dead as a long-term side-effect from biologics (and other up-and-coming drugs/treatments)."

That's a risk with anything of course, but I really don't think the biologics are like that. The biological effect is well known and very specific. They simply bind with or eliminate TNF-alpha. Once they leave your system more TNF is produced and your body goes back to what it was before. The half-life of Enbrel in your body is about 122 hours.

It's not like some weird chemical that alters your genes.

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I agree, Andrew.... I was moreso making light of the fact that Psoriasis itself isn't "life threatening" as the OP mentioned... There are no guarantees in life, and as much as P sucks, it isn't a death sentence...

When I'm feeling down about my current situation, I try to keep things in perspective. I could be afflicted by a number of other conditions/diseases that are far worse....

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I found a fungal infection in my lungs and was put on a medication called Sporanox. I was on this medication for over 1 year and recently stopped taking it. While I was on the medication I had some side effects that affected my weight and muscle tone so I lowered the dose. The best part of the medication was that my psoriasis went away. The spots on my face and the plaque on my head went away. Now that I am no longer on the medication all of my symptoms are coming back. I am back to itching like crazy again.

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You apparently need to spend some time educating yourself on the realities of P. The only way that it is life threatening is if someone kills themselves because of it...and then the cause of death is whatever method they chose. Of course we are more prone to other diseases, but many people are. Getting sick from a lowered immune system is simply a risk we take for being on a medication that treats us systemically. There are a lot of other people on meds that lower their immune system too...think of transplant patients.

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Those of us who've watched the struggles of loved ones battling cancer and other life threatening illnesses know that while what we endure might be challenging and debilitating, it's all relative. We are likely to die of something else.

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On my first visit to the rheumatologist, they took my blood and did like 100 tests. Among other things, they find a very high sedimentation rate and a very high level of cytokenes. Have your blood constantly sludgy and your immune system in a constant state of hyperdrive cannot be good for you. I'm not surprised at all that psoriasis goes along with other, internal issues.

Now on treatment, my blood cytokene level and SED rate are normal. It seems that on treatment I'm a whole lot healthier than off of treatment.

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If psoriasis develops into erythroderma, it can be life threatening if not treated. Albeit, it is the complications surrounding erythroderma that may cause death, such as hyperthermia, toxic shock syndrome, cardiac arrest. THIS IS RARE! Yet, something we should be aware of so we can get treatment should it occur. As you can see from the link posted at the end of my post, psoriasis is just one of the underlying illnesses identified.
I have had this once in my life (and I have had P over 40 years), bad flare up in my ankles and feet turned into erythroderma. Essentially, I was treated like a burn victim (and that is what it looked like!)-given compresses and many tests were run.

Overall, psoriasis is not life threatening as others have pointed out. The way we cope (or not) has greater impact. It is life altering and life changing, unpredictable and high maintenance. I have found that it is the unpredictability of the course this disease takes in each of us that is the most stressful. at least for me (I like excitement, but....really?)

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I caught MRSA when I was on Humira and had to have surgery to remove it. At one point the doctors did not think I was going to make it. I dont have plaque I have Von which I have to be hospitalized almost every flare, so yes it is life threating to me and the only medication that works to date is cortisteriods which is causing life threating conditions for me.

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shelley6077, you are not alone in seeing clearance whilst on antifungal medication. Another forum member, gessi, had the same experience and convinced her doctor to prescribe her low dose Nystatin (, a rather safe and widely prescribed antifungal medication). The next time you see your derm you might want to explain your situation and see if you can get a prescription for Nystatin (, or something similar). Then a few months later if you have improved you can go back to your derm and he/she might provide you with a longer term prescription.

Another old NPF forum member, grannyfanny, experienced clearance of her long term, severe PPP by taking a low dose of an antibiotic (Keflex). This goes to show that pathogens are clearly sometimes a trigger for psoriasis.

Oh and as for psoriasis being life threatening, I think the other posts describe the situation nicely. In the vast majority cases psoriasis is nowhere near a life threatening condition. However since most psoriatics have some other serious health issues (obesity, diabetes, and/or high blood pressure) it is not surprising these people die before their time. The added inflammation related to psoriasis certainly makes matter worse. Yet, in my opinion, if one was to entirely clean up their diet, quit smoking and drinking alcohol, and exercise regularly these psoriatics would probably live as long as anyone else. At any rate, psoriasis is a life sentence, not a death sentence ... in the vast majority of cases.


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How did U have a bacterial infection (MRSA) removed by surgery? What was removed?
I hope U R ok now.

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Never heard of MRSA being removed by surgery, either... Heard of it being lanced (sp), and treated with antibiotics, but not surgically removed...?

BTW, what is Von?

I do have High Blood Pressure and it has always confused me. I have had it most of my life and I am not overweight, nor eat alot of salt. It's not dangerously high. When I got on meds it would average around 140/90 (peaking around 150/100). I have lots of anxiety and stress issues though, and always thought it I could get my mind right, my blood pressure would follow. I'm still somewhat convinced of that to this day (after meds for 7 years). If im not mentally right (stressed out/anxious), my BP is elevated regardless of whether Im medicated or not.

I also have had history of high tryglicerides (last reading was 244). However, I have always attributed this to drinking alcohol. When I quit or limited my alcohol consumption in the past, they went to normal (115). Maybe all the conditions are tied together..

Reference -> 37 year old white male with Guttate Psoriasis since early childhood..

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