Juice and Water Fasting. A Deep Cellular Cleanse of Toxins

Im here again to answer anyone's questions about how to naturally escape the vicious claws of Psoriasis through water and juice fasting.

I successfully healed my P through a 30 day Juice and Water Fast. I have more energy than ever, I feel cleaner, happier, and best of all my body has been renewed..My skin has perfectly healed were previously I had Psoriasis. I have been Psoriasis free for 3.5 months.

Quick Fact- When you allow the body to rest fully from digestion, you are freeing up energy for your body to focus on healing. Many people with Psoriasis have digestion and diet issues, therefore shutting the digestion down gives ample time to heal leaky gut syndrome, weak digestion, damaged organs, along with a deep cellular cleanse of toxins and diseased cells.

Auto Immune Disease respond amazingly to this method!

I have plenty of documented resources for people interested in this method..

I am here to help others that are looking for an alternative way to ignite the healing force inside us we call the immune system.

Keep in mind: I am not a doctor and if you have other health concerns to address those accordingly with your healthcare professional before starting a fast.

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Please tell me what you used.

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cindy- not sure what you meant by "tell me what you used", but if you would like to research the science behind fasting i suggest starting with these sites.

drbenkim.com/fasting.html (science of fasting)

http://www.fasting.com/richardson.html (this article about a man who clears his psoriasis through fasting)

www.falconblanco.com/health/fasting.htm (an outline for fasting)

http://www.creativehealthinstitute.com/blog/the-healing-power-of-juice-fast ing-and-raw-food/ (a group of different articles relating to healing of diseases.)

fastingconnection.com (a forum where people can ask questions about fasting to doctors and other fasters)

I really recommend watching the documentary" Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead," (On Netflix) about a man who has been taking 6 different medications for his incurable skin disease, he juice fasts for 60 days, he routinely had blood work and checkups with his MD, and loses over 50 pounds and by the 60th day his skin disease was gone and his doctor said he didnt need to take any of the medications anymore..

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Just some of the dangers of fasting:

http://ezinearticles.com/?Fasting---Is-It-Really-Dangerous-For-Your-Health? &id=340628

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Icured... Are you working for, selling for, or affiliated with fasting.com in any capacity? I noticed they sell mentoring services to help with fasting. I also noticed that they are in Santa Barbara, CA. I'm just wondering because you keep pounding on people about this so aggressively. It seems like you're either selling something hard, or just very evangelistic in your approach to get people to "see the light" as you see it.

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I was wondering how much water per day, and what kinds of juices did you drink. I want to do this right.

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You know what!! Im selling something called love,, which no one seems to have around here..I really believe in what I'm preaching guys!!

I know alot of people have had this disease for a very long time trying the same approaches of drugs, modified diets and have never learned about the healing powers of fasting.

I cured my P which i hated with a passion and was ruining my life. I changed my diet and was drug and alcohol free for 2 years but the P never fully went away. I spent hundreds on natural supplements, herbs, etc.

When i did an extended juice/water fast, it was like my immune system got a jump start and was able to overcome this disease

This 5000 year old practice of healing physically, mentally, and spiritually has gotten lost in our modern approach to disease and its no wonder why the death tolls continue to rise with cancer, obesity, and other diseases.

I know everyone wont do this, and it isn't the only way..But if i can shed light to one person and they benefit from that, despite all the criticism i get, it is worth it to me...

I just feel like its my duty to help, because i feel like i got lucky...i mean i am only 24 i have a wife and daughter that deserve all my love, not a grouchy, sad and depressed Psoriasis Sufferer, which i was...

I hope you all understand there is no other motive than to help others here.. And i have gotten alot of positive feed back from others members here, that is what inspires me to keep writing..

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Hey cindy,

My approach is to always start with as much fresh fruit and vegetable juice as you need.. You can juice 1-5 times per day if you like, but as you progress throughout a fast you will not likely need much more than 1-3 times per day and when you feel comfortable you can transition at any time to only water and take juices when needed.

The less juice you take in the faster and more intense the detoxing is. So go at your pace and push yourself when ready.

I personally would go the whole day on just water and then drink the juice of a few fresh oranges, or watermelon, or carrot when really famished.

Keep in mind i have fasted 4 different times have a little experience.

I failed the first 3 times going for a 30 day fast. I did a 3 day and 2 seven days and got a taste of what fasting is and on my 4th try i ended up making my goal of 30 days..

It really gets easier once you decide to let go of food and hunger goes away for the most part after 3 days.. its just a mind game after that.

As far as kinds of juices, i suggest anything you like..you can look up great recipes online, anything fruit and vegetable wise is healthy so it just depends on your preferences and what agrees with you. My favorite is Carrot Apple Beet Kale, but i often just drink watermelon, or orange by itself, or carrot. If your near a trader joes they have organic carrots for 79 cents per pound and i would do 1 or 2 bags per day.

A good site to ask questions to an actual fasting doctor, is FastingConnection.com (completely free health forum just like this one)

with lots of love and healing

- icuredmypsoriasis

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burty12- that site is just one persons theory on fasting and not correct at all. Yes water fasting can be dangerous if a person who has a very toxic diet and lifestyle with a multitude of health issues jumps right in without first taking 2 weeks to a month of pre detoxing on healthy diet, drug and alcohol free. I would not recommend water fasting for a first timer . However Fasting is not dangerous under the right conditions and if treated with knowledge of it and respect. Juice fasts are very safe and can be done for 100 + days without harm as long as they are supplying all the adequate nutrients to their body.

Burty12 you can find anything negative about any topic on the internet..Please do more research before you decide to post something that totally discredits my efforts.

Im only here to help others. That is my main goal in life after being given a second chance at a healthy disease free life.

God bless

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Thank you for your help...by the way, I just ordered the chickweed healing salve, hope it works, cuz I'm scratching til I bleed right now.It's HORRIBLE!!!

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my favorites are coconut oil..and raw aloe vera blended into gel ..you can buy coconut oil at trader joes

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Blah Blah Blah :)

Fasting is completely safe as long as you take proper precautions and research it thoroughly.

If juice fasting : have a medical first to ensure all OK to procedure.

If water fasting : have a medical first to ensure all OK to procedure, and if doing it for for than 3 days - only do it under professional medical supervision with someone experienced in fasting.

Honestly, about 1 person a year dies from natural medicine methods ..........and about 300,000 plus people a year die from medication and its side effects and hospital / doctor errors.

Surely your "concern" is misguided !!!!

:) :)

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Anyone heard the "Dead Doctor's Don't lie," audio. I heard it many years ago and it was an eye opener!!! A vet. collected the obituaries of doctors and found out they have a far shorter life span than the average. Heart doctors dieing of heart disease...
Anyway, medicines and natural suppliments given to our animals is safer than what is pumped into the average American by their doctors. We naturally fast when we are under a lot of stress and there is probably a reason for that.

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Americans are hilarious about fasting. They find it one of the scariest, most mentally unstable concepts any one they know can suggest. Looking at the health stats, it's eating that's really scary. Joking, sort of.

Something related to think about: in the famed Seven Countries Study where Ancel Keys found that the people of Crete in the 1950s had remarkably low cardiovascular disease, one of the factors was the devout adherence to the Greek Orthodox fasting schedule. This is seldom talked about now and deserves more attention. It wasn't a juice fast or a water fast, but foods permitted and quantity were restricted for almost six months of the year in varying periods of 6 to 2 weeks. This pattern seems like it would clean out the system and yet allow for richer diets at other times. That sort of thing seems to be natural in many more traditional societies.

I'm toying with the idea of working out a pattern of juice fasts interspersed though the year. I definitely plan one for December. Less food during a period of less physical activity, avoiding holiday party foods, seems like a plan.

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And I forgot to ask the question I was leading up to!

Are you planning a regular schedule of fasting to maintain your health, or just doing one as a treatment when you feel you need it?

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I would go easy on the citrus. It has been known to cause major flare ups. There are PLENTY of non-citrus juices to choose from, the more natural without added/processed sugars, the better. ~Good luck, Godspeed!

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"Honestly, about 1 person a year dies from natural medicine methods ..........and about 300,000 plus people a year die from medication and its side effects and hospital / doctor errors.

Surely your "concern" is misguided !!!!" End of quote.

I don't believe my concern is misguided at all. People are promoting dangerous and reckless methods of treatment in an open health forum.

As for your statement that one person a year dies from natural medicine methods, ummm, why does the name Steve Jobs keep on coming to mind. I can't believe he was the only one last year to die from a cancer that science had a good batting average of treating. Had he choosen to treat with conventional medicine at the proper time instead of spending 9 months using a 'diet cure' he might well have survived his disease. I'm sure he was not the only one last year to die an unneccessary death.

The statisics on this web page are just plain scary:


While psoriasis only has a death rate of smaller than 1%, psoristic arthritis can cause permanent damage to joints in as little as three months. I often read the diet gurus on this forum state that it takes about three months to see if a diet change will effect the course of the disease. While this may be fine for people with only skin involvement, it is dangerous and reckless advice for those with joint involvement.

Just saying.

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Burty, actually there were at least two people who died of "natural remedies" last year. My mother and her aunt were both diagnosed 1 1/2 years ago with breast cancer within weeks of each other. In my mother's case, her cancer was much more advanced and had spread to her lung, lower spine, and throat. My great aunt had it in her breast only with some lymph involvement. My mother went on chemo but my great aunt went to an expensive holistic doctor (not sure if he was an MD or not). Today, my mother is alive and mostly well, fighting the good fight, but my great aunt died about six months ago from the tumors that had begun to grow in her brain. The sad thing is, by the time she realized her holistic treatment wasn't working, she saught chemotherapy but it was too late. Can you imagine?? I can't imagine. I'm not saying that science is not without it's shortcomings but neither is "natural" medicine.

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QUOTE: "People are promoting dangerous and reckless methods of treatment in an open health forum". UNQUOTE

Yes, I agree with you.

I am utterly shocked and disheartened at the amount of people on here urging others to take anti-depressants and other chemical toxins and drugs whilst promoting them as perfectly safe.

I read that antidepressants cause 40,000 deaths a year in the USA. Yet numerous people on here are urging others to take them and stating they are perfectly safe.

So yes, I wholeheartedly agree with you, there are people here promoting potentially dangerous and reckless methods of treatment in an open health forum. Disgusting!

:) ;)

If you are silly enough to read on here about water fasting and go home and start doing it without any proper preparation, research or supervision. Then you are a dimwit. And chances are you will land yourself in hot water.

That is why you should only do it with facilitators who are trained, experienced and in a medically supervised environment.

This is what I promote: using your noggin, doing your research, taking responsibility. I am only sharing what works for me – I am not urging people to do it too.

(Unlike some on here who are urging others to take little blue happy pills like they were nothing more than pretty candy)

Also another reminder: this is an alternative forum designed to discuss alternative methods. Water fasting is an alternative method.

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I have really no idea about Steve Jobs; so not sure what he has got to do with all of this. Why do you keep bringing him up? Because he is the one famous person you know who died from not taking medication?

(A large percentage of people are only brought more time with chemo, it kills more people than it cures).

I bet if you tried really hard you could probably count 10 famous people who died from prescription drugs. That little blue happy pill that many are promoting on here, has recently been linked to many deaths of ordinary people, as well as several famous people.

Of course people die from alternative methods – I have never suggested otherwise. But I do suggest that far more die from prescription drugs and hospital errors.

Hospital super bugs are killing people at alarming rates. Staph infections are one of the leading killers in hospitals. I know someone who went into hospital with a broken hip. The medication caused them to have a dizzy spell. They fell and broke their hip. They went down hill due to doctor incompetence, then caught a hospital infection and died. Happens time and time again.


I know several people who have died from the drugs they were taking and medical errors. I don't know anyone who has died from fasting - and I know a lot of fasters.

Even more scarily I recently read in a medical newsletter that: ”in a study of 662 patients with severe paracetamol-induced hepatotoxicity 48 per cent had NOT exceeded the recommended maximum daily dose of 4g”. Makes me think twice about taking a headache tablet.

Of course there are dangers with water fasting; especially if you are really skinny. If you are really skinny then you can’t water fast. DO YOUR RESEARCH AND YOU CAN'T GO FAR WRONG. Surely no-one on here is dimwitted enough to try a water fast just from reading this thread!? I looked into water fasting in 2003, but I wasn’t allowed to do it then because I was taking medication that required taking it with food. I am now going to make it a regular part of my life, as the benefits are enormous. I would never do it alone at home; I would only ever do it under medical supervision at a fasting retreat. I want to fast medically not go into starvation mode. The doctor I consulted said that most Americans have a poor view of fasting because they confuse it with people dying on hunger strikes. Two completely different things.

Most Americans grossly overeat and eat all of the wrong things. Both activities are terrible for your health, but it does not worry them. They only freak out at fasting for health. I think this is totally topsy turvey and it makes me laugh.

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