I had to post this...I just found out that Caridee from America's Next Top Model has psoriasis. I google imaged her and she did some modeling pictures while having a flare up. It made me feel amazing that a woman in the spot light would actually show her "issues" and support the cause. Just had to share this! (its old news but I just found out...) :)

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but all those picture are PhotoShopped to perfection. NO FLAWS are allowed to be seen.
we all know it is IMPOSSIBLE too completely conceal Ps, except w/ the magic of a computer

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Here ya go, Julia..

Thanks to Stelera.

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Thx so much

now it's Stelara
how I wish the results woud last!

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Wow.. I feel a lot better after seeing those pictures. Ive been feeling awful since my recent flare up has left me 80% covered. I watched her season and was rooting for her to win. I'm glad she did!

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Thanks for posting that link! I love that she did those photos during a flare and shared them with the world. What a great thing to do to raise awareness and remind us that we're not alone with this crap.

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