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Hey eveyone!

My name is Jessica I am 18 years old I live in Southern California,and I have had Psoriasis for about 3 years now. I got it when I was playing softball. I fell an scraped up my hands and knees, everything else healed except my left knee. My parents didn't know what it was until we went to my doctor and she suggested we go see a dermatologist. Well we went to see one and he wanted to b sure it was Psoriasis and not a cancer that mimics it. I had a biopsy done and sure enough it was Psoriasis. I hated it. I always wore sweatshirts even on hot days because I didn't want people to be grossed out by my arms and legs. Eventually my dermatologist got me on some lotions but they never really helped. I remember seeing a commercial for Humira and talked to him about, he said it was used on kids as young as 4 years old and wasn't sure if our insuance would cover it. Sure enough it did. Other medicines that were offered were pills where if I wanted to have kids I would have to get off it because it would kill a child and I want kids and it was used as a form of abortion and I am against abortion.

So my family and I decided to go with Humira, and I am amazed at what it has done! I was in my Senior year of High School when I first got on Humira. I as so happy to be able to wear normal clothes again. My spots cleared up within a month! They went away just in time for my Prom, and I was so happy. I was able to wear t-shirts and shorts without worrying about people being scared or grossed out!

I still have it on my knee but its clearng up nicely. A little more information on me. I am currently attening my second year of college, and still somewhat undecided on what I want to major in. I love animals and volunteer at my local animal shelter. I own 2 German Shepherds, Molly & Tanner, whom I love very very much. My aunt also has Psoriasis but uses another form of medication. I joined this forum to read about and meet others living with Psoriasis and learn more about this disease.

Want to know more just message me! I look forward to reading form all of you!

Much Love,

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Hello Jessica,
I'm sorry no one has responded yet :-).

Are you familiar with something called the Koebner response? It basically means that trauma has the potential to effectively cause a psoriasis plaque. It is common for people who get psoriasis when they are young to get psoriasis on their knees and elbows. Basically any form of irritation--even an ingrown hair, has the potential to trigger this. High amounts of stress can also cause your psoriasis to flare up, so try and stay upbeat!

Congratulations about getting into college early :).

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I'm glad to hear you are having such success against P! My story is similar to yours only my p is just now starting to act up at 18. It's kinda annoying to get it on my elbows, knees, fingers and hands but I guess it is my fault since I rock climb soo much I get torn up hands haha.

You're lucky you live in such a humid place (I spend a lot of time in San Diego, and whenever I do, my P clears up over night). Unlike me, living in central Utah, where it is dryer than bone.

You're also lucky your insurance approved Humira. Mine wouldn't. And my insurance is normally awesome (three dollar co pays on EVERYTHING).

And yes, PC is 100% right. I started my associates parallel with 10th 11th and 12th grade, and every semester during finals week I get flares from the stress. But its ok, cause like you, I'm ahead of the game by a bit.

Anyway, anyone can feel free to add me on fb. http://Www.Facebook.com/Carlos.romano

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** Originally posted by Jessiewessie99 **

Thanks for the replies.=) I didn't expect everyone to reply right away.lol

Yeah, I am pretty lucky.lol

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